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  1. send me the latest trace file, please. Reinstalled system, step by step, one update, then restart, another update, restart, driver by driver, app by app, restart after every installation. Everything good now, shutting down in less then 20 seconds. It seems that I had multiple wireless adapter drivers, so they caused conflict, but not really sure what was the problem. Thanks...
  2. Any idea? I made another trace and process daemonu.exe from nvidia update seems to last till the end of shut down process. I disabled it, but still the same. If nothing can be done, I am going to install another OS (xp, or linux), to make sure problem is not windows 7 related.
  3. I have red almost every post in this subject, tried every tweak which I could find on the internet and nothing, reinstalled system several times, disabled every proccess (win and no win) which could be disabled, and still shut down time on win 7 on asus laptop is to long. Basically, I have a problem with NtShutdownSystem interval, which lasts 67,5 seconds. If anyone have any idea, shout it out. Here is xml summary_shutdown file: summary_shutdown.xml