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  1. Hi guys, im interesting to learn seagate terminal commands, in especially the comand to lock , unlock , red , frozen the hdd Where I can learn to do this?, i search in internet but i didn´t found nothing thanks .
  2. the disk is pc standard , and the security is high , the model of seagate is ST3500413AS. the password is set buy hd-x-lock
  3. Thanks perfect
  4. Hi, i have got hdd segate barracuda but this locked by ata password . I have the gatget to conect the hdd to send the seagate ata comands but i dont now to make this Where i can leanr to unlock? , sorry for my english.
  5. Does anyone have a diagram of how to connect a seagate ide hard drive? just find the ties of connecting a connecting pins are TXD RXD GND