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  1. in ipconfig /all i see default gateway.................... DCHP server.........................
  2. nope, I tried blank and i actually got invalid username or password. unlike when i enter the correct credentials.
  3. Hello, I work for Shaw Cable Systems in BC, Canada. Fate has brought a familiar problem into my own home. I just got shaw services installed and my internet works great when its a wired connection. My default SSID doesn't show on the available networks. I work in TSR support and when i get customers to go to their router settings im always asking them to go to or 5% of the time it may be I personally had to goto Google told me to try that one but how could've i had known to try it? where does one find out what the router settings address is? When I go there im asked for username and password. it isn't the cisco default cause shaw sets them all to User: cusadmin and Pass: (serial number of equipment). I enter it and i get redirected back to login page. If i enter it wrong then i get redirected and i get an error msg saying its wrong password or username but when i enter it correctly it simply redirects without a error msg. i hold the reset button down for 30 seconds and same issue. I tried on a mac laptop and same issue. I'm current on a win 7 64 bit desktop. I tried with four diff browsers. i updated java. uninstalled and reinstalled IE8. Whats more is this is a issue i've had with customers at work too, twice in the past and got resolved by rebooting in safemode with networking. I tried that and nothing same issue. I know in my heart that its not the brand new routers fault or my computers but I don't trust browser settings or firewall (which i tried turning off too) or some other thing. I think the key to understanding the issue is behind the fact that the correct password doesnt give an error but simply redirects me to login page. Cisco DPC3825 modem/router windows 7 64bit google chrome to reiterate, I pressed the reset button in back of router to reset to factory settings, all the help online I've seen gives that as top solution but I tried it already