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  1. You'll be able to run Windows 10 x64 on your machine just fine. These are the drivers needed for your graphics unit.
  2. The issue with Win2k's MPS HAL is well documented, and typically happens in the following scenarios: -Certain BIOSes (such as "insydeH2O") -Conflicts with the Serial/Parallel port (this was documented by bluebolt and could actually fix your problem, if you have a way to disable those ports) It's unknown why Win2k (and NT4)'s MPS kernels do this, however you gotta understand that they were built for multi processor systems years ago. Perhaps a change in how Windows XP recognizes processors is what fixed the issue for that OS. Nonetheless, Win2k does end up supporting most MPS/Multi-core systems, provided that they are either desktops (custom built ones in the case of modern units), or laptops prior to 2008 (some 2011-2012 ones support Win2k, but it varies). Even though it's probably too late to ask, I'd love to see a fix up of the Win2k MPS HAL to repair these issues, and possibly even bring in proper HyperThreading support. It's a long shot and likely not even worth it for this OS, but it would be interesting to see the result.
  3. I was browsing the web, and came across an article which points to a flaw under Win2k that could cause it to BSOD with the 1E error "under a processor that is very fast or with a large L3 cache". So, I was wondering if anyone over here has actually experienced this anomaly with Win2k. I will admit that I got some KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED errors on my FX-8320 when I tried to install an HPET driver, but without it, Win2k runs solid there.
  4. I just used the latest one made by blackwingcat. Works fine.
  5. Any chance of getting GTA V running on XP x64 edition with this? According to Dependency Walker, GTA5.exe needs kernel32 WerSetFlags and GetSystemDefaultLocaleName GTAVLauncher.exe and PlayGTAV.exe need kernel32 QueryFullProcessImageNameW , GetTickCount64 and GetUserDefaultLocaleName and shell32 SHGetKnownFolderPath Some DLL files such as IESHIMS.DLL and WER.DLL are also needed.
  6. Firefox crashes if I use it with Extended Kernel v.2.8d. 2.6d is the last version that worked flawlessly for me.
  7. No, nVidia still makes GeForce cards. ASUS is just a (very vocal) nVidia partner, which may be the reason you made such an assumption.
  8. I haven't had any issues with Windows 7 x64 vs the x86 version, but i do know that the former has better support for newer and more powerful hardware, so that's what I use.
  9. You could put in a lower power CPU along with an SSD into that PC, which should result in lower power draw. I say its worth a try.
  10. Nope, the one you put up for download recently on RyanVM.
  11. Dibya, attempting to slipstream your addon in with Windows XP SP4 causes this BSoD This was done in VMware workstation 12. Any solution?
  12. Problem when slipstreamed with Dibya's Windows XP 4GB RAM limit breaker. In VMware, install seems to go fine, then come across a peculiar BSoD I really want to slipstream his addon as it cannot be installed after setup. Any way to fix this?
  13. Idles at around 40c. Does run a bit warmer than on newer versions of Windows, but not drastically.
  14. W2k on ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 / AMD FX-8320 Runs great (needs extended kernel/core for USB3.0 and GPU drivers) Disabled devices: nVidia HD Audio (didn't install that because last time it interfered with my realtek HD) High precision event timer (no driver) (can be disabled in bios if you're only gonna use 2000) My xbox 360 controller (looking for driver)
  15. Well I tried doing the same with Windows 2000 and it failed too. So it seems the AC'97 implementation is non-existent. The machine works great under windows 2000 with all devices supported, but with 98 its a bit of a struggle. To get audio within 2000, i re-enabled HD audio and that works fine.