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  1. I came across nLite with the hopes of taking my 2003 CD's and adding Service Pack 2 to the installation and then to append the PERC 6/i controller driver to the installation as well and making it one ISO in a dvd format. I'll look into this post thanks, this very well may be the answer or context that I can move on from.
  2. Morning, I've recently become aware of this neat tool and was hoping to Merge some old Server 2003 Install CD's into one DVD. nLight does not seem to recognize building an ISO from two installation CD's. nLite wants to read one cd then append hot-fixes/drivers to that as the total installation which would result in not everything being there. I could put both CD"s into once folder but then how would I get each autorun and setup to work? Has anyone tried or done this before? It would be great if there is something simple I'm just missing.