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  1. WPA2 + 300MBit = Quest for the Holy Grail in W9x-Land (tm). Prepare for Despair. Read: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/175486-wpa2-for-windows-9x/ Long story short: I recommend the aforementioned Router in Client-Mode, albeit a cute one (= USB-powered, < 50g, as on the thread mentioned above): http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/TL-WR802N.html I use two of those, and i like them. No NAT-firewall included, of course.
  2. What's wrong with VIA-Chipsets? This one -> http://www.asrock.com/mb/VIA/4CoreDual-SATA2 R2.0/ runs fine for me, with W98SE, XP Pro and W10, with native drivers on all OSs. Q9550S (@266FSB), or a Q6600; 4GB DDR2-800 (@667) or 4GB DDR-400; GF 7900 GT 512MB AGP or GF 7600 256MB PCIe; Intel MT Gigabit PCI or Onboard 100MBit; SB Audigy PCI. 2IDE-SSDs, 2 SATAII-SSDs (@SATA1). It's like shopping with Dad's Golden Credit Card(tm), you can run practically *all* hardware after PIII on this one... The AM2+ aequivalent, as you asked for it: http://www.asrock.com/mb/NVIDIA/ALiveDual-eSATA2/ runs (mostly) fine with W98SE, XP 64bit and some Linux, albeit not with anything newer from M$ than Vista, because of NForce3 chipset... i.e. ran with: Phenom II 910e; 16GB DDR2-800; onboard Gigabit Lan (RTL8111B), GF 7900 GT 512MB AGP or GF 7600 256MB PCIe; SB Audigy PCI. 1IDE-SSD, 2 SATAIII-SSDs (@SATAII), + 2 SATAII-SSDs (@SATAI). I still rather prefer the AM3+ platform... but to each his own.
  3. Hi, which was the last occasion anyone used SLI with GPUs from the GeForce 7 series (i.e. 7900GTX)? If, what OS, and driver version? Cheers, Ragnar G.D.
  4. Boards with full driver support have all the modern features - of 2001 (That's when XP came out, just if you don't remember). That's why this research on AM3+ was done in the first place, right?
  5. "Too new" is not necessarily an argument: The 990FX/890FX/970A were the newest AMD chipsets a very few years ago, and were much more compatible than everything before for a long time from AMD. I expect the boards - or their chipsets - to be more of a problem, the closer they are/were to the last working chipset generation: W9x (wrongly) *thinks* it knows them, initializes them, and... crashes. This is very true for USB2- and SATA-chipsets (which makes all Intel-chipsets after P45 so very difficult, if not impossible, to use, up and until today). With many newer boards, W9x does not know those strange things, but lets them be... and - *presto!* - remains stable! (And then there is the ingenious RLoew for the stubborn parts... ;-) The rest of the story are compatible known-to-work add-in cards, as long as the MoBo-layout allows to install them. The next (and final?) show-stopper may be UEFI-only MoBos, and/or boards where the PCIe-specifications change considerably. (btw.: Has anyone a W9x-compatible GPU running stable on W9x in a PCIe 3.0 slot already?) So the upcoming Intel-platform (and maybe AM4 already) may be the end of the show already.... let's see... So far, I will only test AM4-boards, once the Dual-GPU-stunt is possible on an 8x/8x enabled MoBo, a well-positioned PCI-slot for my Audigy 2 exists, and either there still exist IDE-compatible SATA-ports, or another well-positioned slot for a SATA-I-AddIn...
  6. Can you please state the source and version of UnRaid you are using? (is it the Demo Donwload from the Homepage?) I see that Q35 chipset is emulated - and we have drivers/inf for P35, so that *may* work.
  7. Games will not run faster, of course, on the same machine with the same CPU and same GPU - but my impression is, with a second core active, some of them run smoother, FPS being more constant. This is even more true with games that have sound (i.e. music) running in its own thread - "Jedi Knight" being a good example. Other games, then, make no difference. Well, unless i use my 1920x1200 screen with maximum details, for games like Half-Life 2 - that is unfair, in a way, as i run them on a faster card on the same machine, but, hey, who said life is fair?
  8. @ruthan: Look for the MSI NX7950GT-VT2D512 or NX7950GT-VT2D512EZ-HD. For my taste, they still get too hot, even with air-flow in the case, but YMMV.
  9. @LoneCrusader: Most games "made for W9x" in fact run better when running on a dual/quad CPU, and this is true for D2 as well. But some just don't run at all, or only with serious problems. I just played "Jedi Knight", and it ran fine on W98SE, but on the same machine with XP, it was glitched beyond repair. Same with a Harry Potter game (part one?) my daugther played. Inspired by your idea, i just played D1 again. Oh my, it made me remember why this game was called "mouse killer No. 1"...
  10. @jumper: Well, worth a try. Will take a bit of time, but I'll report. @HarryTri: Worth trying. I did. Well, I did not. But THAT I did. Wait... AAAAAH!
  11. You will have a hard time finding a situation where i oppose LoneCrusaders respected opinion (cheers! ;), but this is one: The GeForce 7900 GTX is at least 10% faster than a 7950 GT. The 7950 GT is the second fastest card, and being newer than the 7900 GTX (the same G71 GPU, just clocked down, and better equipment of the card), it is more power efficient (i have i.e. a passively cooled version, as TDP is ~120W for the 7900 GTX vs. ~95W for the 7950 GT). I have both cards, and can confirm all of this by practical experiments. But also have a view at the respected Anand Tech: http://www.anandtech.com/show/2080/8 Your major problem will be, that: - You will find no 7900 GTX for AGP (so the 7950 GT is the fastest card for AGP on W9x) - You will have a hard time finding a 7900 GTX with LESS than 512MB (none known to me), so it reqires the $$$-patch by RLoew (the 7950 GT with 256MB for AGP is still very rare, but you CAN find it) Fun-fact: The 7950GX2 is supposed to be as fast as the 7900GX2, because the latter is not running with full speed because of temp/power-reasons, and thereby the 7950GX2, speed considered being equal, being much superior for secondary reasons (i.e. only using one power-connector vs. two for the 7900GX2, less noise, less heat, less throttling, you name it). This is of no importance for W9x-users, of course, because no SLI with GeForce on W9x...
  12. See: http://www.dosforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=11599 (in german) It basically shows a sceenshot after D2 crashed, showing a dependency to a w2000-DLL. I have the same phenomenon, and will start a research. Hopefully just a small problem. Any ideas welcome...
  13. I install no chipset drivers - they don't exist. Does that answer your question?
  14. The 4coreDual with a patched BIOS (4GB Ram) runs W10 64bit, besides XP, i use it with a Q9550S. P.S.: I did not try for a long time, but i somehow remember to have used a PCIe-card and an AGP card in parallel (or was that with the AM2NF3-VSTA? Or both? Worth trying, perhaps...) I was not aware of the DOS-problems of the X800, but normally i'd use DosBox anyway, as most DOS-games work just better with it, given your PC ist fast enough. Actually, i use DosBox on the 4coreDual... :-D The only exceptions can be found on vogons.org, its about a couple of games that absolutely NEED i.e. a VooDoo2 or such (i don't find the thread). But to be honest, the AM3+ boards work better for me, and just have that much more value with multi-booting. But that's just IMHO.
  15. In the ad it says W98SE is pre-installed... Is it not? (Perhaps german version) As this contains a "Disk on a module" - a VERY small SSD of about 512 M(!)B, which you cant just remove to plug it into another PC (which would be the solution for a "normal" HDD or SSD) -, you NEED an USB booting device. I recommend this one: https://www.amazon.de/StarTech-Com-S2510BU3ISO-Zoll-Festplatte-Gehäuse/dp/B00E6EBPBO/ref=sr_1_2?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1487782060&sr=1-2&keywords=iso-emulation (you can switch the german amazon to english, or look it up on amazon.co.uk) When you boot the HP T5720, what shows up?