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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I tested from both ready Installation, as well as from fresh sources. The ready Installation got me into the operating System, the fresh Installation led me nowhere. So for a while i'll stay with pre-installed Systems. I still suspect the problem with the missing identification of the PCI-bridges to be crucial. The PCI-to-PCIe-adapters work great in W10 and ubuntu, delivering full functionality, and they seem to be invisible to w98se on other machines (and i absolutely need them for the compatible SATA-add-in), so i'll continue with them (perhaps waiting a bit with the Audigy because of the Mechanical Challenged Position (tm) ...). I'll experiment with Usher and alternatives, as per RLoews analysis, i did not get into protected mode at all, and that may still hint for a problem with memory-management. Trying out all those things will take time, of which i do not have very much atm. Memory looks good, at least on Ubuntu (memcheck). I'll try a new Installation on a compatible machine with "setup /p i", and try to transfer that to the AM4-board. Thank you to all of you until now!
  2. Small advance: All hardware tested, and found to be working. See also post about "PCI-to-PCIe-adapters work...", which is helpful for all experiements with boards with too few or none PCI-Slots (not restricted to AM4):
  3. ASRock ConRoe865PE --> just for laughs...

    The most performance i get out of my AM3+/8350FX/GTX7900 combo (and the Titan/970GTX for XP/W10 in the second 16x slot <-- one of these is to replace the 770GTX). The best AGP-performance comes under XP with an ATI 3850 HD. I just couldn't care less. This is all about comprimise, and for everyone the MMV. My systems are there to multi-boot, because i have already enough machines cramped into my room - and w98se (and XP) is rather a secondary use on those (even if building them takes the most time). So, for me, the performance on W10 (or Ubuntu or, upcoming, ARCH Linux on my real workhorses) is the one most important thing. THEN good w98se performance comes second. That's why Quad and moaaaar RAM rule for me. The AM3+/8350FX/GTX7900 combo (esp. with the fine SSD to boot) delivers more than enough speed for all games i know under w98se. The one legacy system i kept is an ATI 9700 Pro AGP 256MB with a nice-looking passive cooler (exactly this combo: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/zalman-zm80a,594.html), an AMD 3000+ on Socket 754 (µATX) with a nice looking passive cooler (this one: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/10-mammoth-cpu-coolers,1053-23.html without the fan), and a Terratec Soundcard. At that time, this was cheaper, faster and better than the usual NVidia/Intel/Soundblaster-combo - and therefore a little bit more bad-a**... ...and is my only system that doesn't even carry XP. Why should it. It's perfect. Older ASRock-boards have always been of lower quality, only very recently (since Z77 chipset) they are on par with Asus and the like. Most here praise them for ASRocks "i use old but cheap parts", as exactly that cheapo-attitude resulted in boards that can still run w98se at all, and are still available. It's one of those incidents... and it's not by chance that those compatible AM3+ boards are mainly by ASRock. It was the same with ABit, somehow (anyone here remember the glorious BP6, Dual-Celeron with that ***** components?). I was never able to do ANY kind of overclocking on ASRock boards until recently. My true love never belonged to hardware. It's the games, and, to a certain - but smaller - degree, w98se itself, for the nostalgia.
  4. ASRock ConRoe865PE --> just for laughs...

    Right... ... BUT ... ... if i had put on my glasses, that premature declaration of love would not have happened to me. No Quad-support on BOTH the GA-8I865PE775-G-RH and the DFI board. The ConRoe865PE still stands out for AGP plus Quad-Support and 4GB Ram, only bested by VIA PT880 Pro/PT880 Ultra for SATA II and DDR2 Support.
  5. ASRock ConRoe865PE --> just for laughs...

    I own three such boards, with the VIA chipset (ASRock 4coreDual etc.)... I got them working with w98se, xp and w10 just right, but still... some alternative would have been nice, right? The intel chipset is just better to handle, native drivers directly from Gigabyte and such... If i could get my hands on one of those GA-8I865PE775-G-RH ... <-- corrected, because to Quad-Support... (still, some chinese trader hoarding this ConRoe865PE board in his backyard, trying to sell it for an absolutely too high price, even if you consider collectors, and then with that typo... it remains funny, even on second sight...)
  6. ASRock ConRoe865PE --> just for laughs...

    Nice find! Except for some shady yandex-site, there is no hint that mobo ever hit the market... although it is mentioned on vogons...
  7. Ok, did W10 installation: Everything (esp. RAM) seems to be ok. The Ryzen 1600X seems to have the same single-core speed as my i7 3770@stock. I won't tinker with RAM-overclocking, as that might irritate ole w98se... Everything is blinking in RGB (Ram, Wraith Spire RGB, Mobo), which is nice... If all the new shiny parts (DDR4/PCIe 3x/x370 chipset) aren't the cause, it may still be my hardware, although i can't say which part of it (with Ubuntu or W10 all parts seem to work fine). I have some doubts about my 7600 GT PCIe 256MB, and my slowly ageing SATA II SSD, so i'll try to get some spare parts to rotate. My vacations end today, and i have to do a quite difficult certification for my job (OSCP), so i will meditate a bit about the situation, and go slow. So don't expect much progress in the next time...
  8. ASRock ConRoe865PE --> just for laughs...

    The big difference is, the ConRoe865PE can use 4GB of Ram, while the 775i65G can only use 2GB. That qualifies the ConRoe865PE a little bit more for use with W10 64bit, and helps with XP as well. The two more PCI-slots are not essential. Otherwise, it's essentially the same board, just a tad older. If ASRock would have given the 775i65G just two more memory-slots, it would have been just perfect... (Although I'll buy neither most probably... three PCs and two Laptops with w98se are enough for me... unless i open up a club for legacy-LAN-parties...)
  9. Hi, when i saw that ruthan owns the ASRock ConRoe865PE, i thought "well, i want to have one as well!". None to find on ebay, or elsewhere. Gosh... But then, using the old technique of typo-squatting, i found where they are. They are not in heaven. They are in China. All 211 of them. Duh... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/asrock-C-onroe865PE-775-High-quality-perfect-test/32808945751.html I don't know if i would recommend buying there... but for some spare coins... Cheers... (see at ASRock: http://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/ConRoe865PE/index.asp#osW98) (Interesting lists at our friends at vogon: AGP on socket 775, incl. Core 2: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=50665 PCIe on Socket 478: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=50655 )
  10. @RLoew: Ok. I'll do a health check by installing Windows 10, and running some diagnostics. I'll also refresh my installation-sources.
  11. So, i have to patch system.cb, and then i do not need himem.exe... well, i'll try that for sure (just maybe not yet - or should i?).
  12. @RLoew These are all the files that are changed in some way (except for three DLLs - why new DLLs???) Using setup /p i produces exactly the same result. Using the pre-built installation got me to a better state, for which i have few explanations. (NUSB? System doesn't init in that setup-stage, but a already installed system is beyond that, and so can start at least? Ushers method/w98iopat doesn't work as expected? SP 3.0 fixes things?) I will try again with a pre-built image, and try to find out, why the PCI(e)-briges are not being identified, and if that can be fixed somehow. I just have no idea, how to. NETLOG.TXT BOOTLOG.TXT SETUPLOG.TXT SUHDLOG.DAT BOOTLOG.PRV SYSTEM.INI WININIT.INI
  13. @dencorso + jaclaz: §1 Jaclaz is ALWAYS right. §2 And if not, §1 sets in automatically I'm always eager to learn: How will himem.exe be used in safe mode without patching io.sys?
  14. @98SE: I usually start with a disk-image/copy of another w98se-installation, which normally is a tried and true method. In this case, what makes me scratch my head most is the PCI-to-PCI-to-PCIe bridge the system sees during hardware-discovery, but does not know how to deal with. I suspect this has something to do with the implementation of PCIe on the new AMD chipsets. This makes all the compatible-between-w98se-and-W10 cards difficult to serve with a driver beyond real-mode, i suspect. Even if i won't get W98se to run on that board, it's not a waste, as it will be my new main system anyway. I'll also experiment with getting XP to run on it, but just not yet. I'll just now gather the boot-logs RLoew was asking for (and have a look at them myself, of course), i didn't have the time for that yet...
  15. (at TheFinder: You just pop up when i need you most... like+1 ;-) I prepare ease-of-use by editing msdos.sys --- ;FORMAT [Paths] WinDir=C:\WINDOWS WinBootDir=C:\WINDOWS HostWinBootDrv=C [Options] BootMulti=1 BootGUI=0 DoubleBuffer=1 AutoScan=1 WinVer=4.10.2222 Logo=0 orig_diag_BootMenu=<nil> BootMenu=1 ; ;The following lines are required for compatibility with other programs. ;Do not remove them (MSDOS.SYS needs to be >1024 bytes). --- Then i boot to "Safe Mode commandline only" - i know the right time to do this is once my system hangs during installation of w98se ... --- I then use Ushers method by: copy W98IOPAT.EXE to my root directory copy himemx.exe to c:\himem.exe copy himemx.exe to c:\windows\himem.exe start w98iopat.exe and follow the instructions printed on the screen (editing c:\config.sys and c:\windows\system.ini) Add ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 to c:\windows\system.ini This just works well in 100% of the cases (on four different 775 boards, two different AM2+ boards, and seven different AM3+ boards, all of them having minimum 4 to maximum 64GB of Ram). --- I also have one DOS-directory in my path, with all DOS-files from DOS 7 and from the windows\command directory, and a dos-only copy of msdos.sys, autoexec.bat and config.sys, so when i have to reinstall, i have a working dos ready to start from. I also use NDN (a norton-commander clone).