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  1. Thermal paste on onboard GPU

  2. Thermal paste on onboard GPU

    Is it safe to put thermal paste on a onboard gpu? I'm using "Ultra Thermal Compound"
  3. About Me

    Sorry i do that by habit I will stop.
  4. About Me

    Oh okay. Sorry. If Anyone wants to know more about me or wants to add me on facebook just PM me
  5. About Me

    18 And Ive Been Working On Computers Since I Was 10. My First Computer Was Windows 95. I'm Not Picky Between AMD and Intel Because I Have Both. I Use Both Windows And Linux. I Am Currently Running Windows 7 x64 And x86 Backtrack 5 R2 x64 And x86 My Goal In Life Is To Be A Computer Specialist Which Deals With Everything With Technology. I.T/Computer And Network Security/ Development And Programming/Computer Repair/Tech Support.
  6. Diveing Ever Deeper Into Cyberspace Discovering New Things Everyday.

  7. Windows 7 x86 Networking Problems

    The desktop is wired. The laptop is wireless N. I dont have a wireless N router which i dont think has anything to do with it. Im useing a Netgear WGR614v7 Ive Tried Homegroup And Workgroup And Ive Disable Windows Firewall.
  8. I'm running windows 7 x86 on my laptop and desktop. The first problem I have is slow load time from my desktop to my laptop. The second issue is Remote Desktop Connection never works. The third issues is I tried useing a program called mouse with out boarders. The program finds the other computer but times out then says make sure your connected to the same network. I have also tried to use homegroup and got the same issues. Am I doing something wrong or does windows networking just suck that hard?