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  1. Hi Andre, just to let you know that I solved part of my problems. I looked for a solution to the mapped network reconnect on startup and I found the registry: in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\NetworkProvider I added a DWORD RestoreConnections set to 0. This cut the login time from 320 to 170! It is still quite long but it is half the time then before!! Now how can I activate GPO loggin? And where do I find the logfile produced? If I could solve also the second problem with GPO my reboot should have another boost! Thanks Michele
  2. I tried this but without great results. Next machine I'll disable GPO before inserting the machine in company Domain :-) Thanks for all. Michele
  3. First of all thank you for looking into it. I imagined it could be something of this kind but I couldn't find the proof. The problem is that actually I'm home working and my pc need to have the vpn activated to connect to the domain, and I can start vpn only after boot. Group policies and the restoring of network connections is forced by the company through batches which i cannot delete (if I do the system will reinstall them next time I connect to the domain). So I think I cannot do anything to solve this situation. Just for curiosity, where do you see in trace which are the problems? Bye Michele
  4. Hi Andre, I PMed you the link to the file in my dropbox. Thanks for helping. Michele
  5. I tried the process you suggest in this guide. It took me more than an hour to complete and now my restart time is around 320 secs. I really have no idea on what can affect so much my reboot time. I just gave a look to the trace produced during the 6th reboot of the process and I see that most of the time my 2 cpu are idle (93% of the time) and most of this time (81%) I see in windows performance Analizer Summary Table is connected to Module=<Heuristic> Function=<Low Power State>. Does this have a meanng for you? Is there something I can show you to have some help? Thanks Michele