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  1. Hi when new version will be out?
  2. thanks for new rc version
  3. Stay tuned, 1.2RC will bring some nice things. Thanks,
  4. Any news on next official version?
  5. No for me, it works good rc version..
  6. I hvae not these bugs
  7. i bought now license for 5 pc..
  8. ^this. Agree with this, hoping ;-)
  9. great software, switch works flawlessy
  10. Thanks for this fantastic program ;-)
  11. All updates in the Critical and Important sections of my lists are language neutral, which means they will work with all language versions of Windows 7. Thanks
  12. Hi to all friends. i have a question on this useful program. Here in italian section i not see any update list for seven both x86 x64. So why? -Is there a way to integrate all italian updates from seven x64 post sp1 buddies. Thanks for help