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  1. Others HUMMER 1 -- in my dreams or a corvette z06-- again .. in my dreams I drive a nissan sunny 2004
  2. Hi, Nice Job .. and while we are talking about jobs .. can I have one in your org. B)
  3. I have windows 2000 pro on my pc no styles here oh .. and the wall paper is River Sumida
  4. Arabic
  5. I'm not so sure about XP but on the pc that I am using now I have windows 2000. some time ago I installed slackware .. didn't like that , so I formatted the linux partitions "using Windows disk managment" , installed RedHat 9 .. then decided to try Mandrake 10 -- again didn't like that -- now I'm back to RedHat 9 -- in few days -- as soon as I complete the download of Fedora Core 2 . I'll give it a shot. the thing is : Linux was installed 4 times -- 3 different falvours -- on a 40 GB HDD shared with windows 2000 -- the Win2k installation was not affected at all. It works just fine in a dual boot configuration, the only thing is you need to have enough free space on your HDD to install linux on -- and of course you should be careful while installing linux -- you do not want to format the windows partition -- I know many people who did just that, and if u do not have backup it is going to be ugly