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  1. I've got a win7 Professional SP1 64 bit with an issue relating to Open GL. The machine has 3 accounts: Administrator, User-1, and User-2. The "Administrator" is the Built-in account. User-1 is a member of the Administrators group. User-2 is a member of the Users group. A program that makes use of Open GL runs correctly under the Administrator account, and under User-2. But under User-1, the program window is displayed with a white background (which makes it unusable) but otherwise the program runs and displays no error messages. There doesn't seem to be a way to endow a system with Open GL functionality except by way of the video drivers, and some answers (or suggestions) to this issue are to re-install or update the drivers. But presumably the system is using the same drivers under all 3 user accounts. In running the Intel video driver install program, it says that it can't access or write to a folder (c:\ProgramData). The system periodically tries to update adobe reader, and this too fails and I think it also has an issue with the same folder. I've tried to delete the Intel folder within the programdata directory, but I get stuck when dealing with this: C:\ProgramData\Intel\SUR\QUEENCREEK\inteldata\temp\2017_02_15__16_10_18_standard.etl I simply can't delete that file. Even when logged in under the administrator account. When I look at the file's properties, one thing I get is: Unable to display current owner. If I try to take ownership (as the admin) I get "unable to set new owner - access is denied". I've downloaded FileAssassin v 1.06 from malware bytes, and have checked the "delete file" box, but when I hit the "Execute" button I get "An error occurred in function Delete file. FindRemoteFileHandles returned NULL value. This may affect deletion of file. Please report this error to the FileAssassin support team". I hit ok, and get another message box: "The file could not be deleted!". I can't even copy that file to anywhere. I don't know how "Queencreek" is related to intel. I thought it might be a name for one of their graphics chipsets, but the wiki list of Intel GPU's doesn't show anything named Queencreek. There seems to be a town in Arizona with that name, again don't know if Intel has a facility there or not. In the above path, other than a log file in the \inteldata folder (which I was able to delete normally) there are no other files present in any of the other folders under \Intel\. It would be nice to fix this OpenGL issue, and it would be nice to know how to take control of files and folders on your own god damn PC (like you can on win-9x/me) and I don't know if that is part of this OpenGL problem (ie - fundamentally a permissions issue related to OpenGL files or folders).
  2. I've looked at an Oct 2005 MSDN library #3 CD and it's full of hxs files but only 4 of them have "9" in the file-name. I can seem to extract these files ok, but the process always ends with "The library is open with offset" message. Did the MSDN Library CD's always come individually - in their own 3-CD fat jewel case? I can find several of those for the years 1999, 2000 and 2001, and even a few 2000 and 2001 Library DVD's (in their own plastic case/shell) but I haven't yet located anything for the years 2003 or 2004, but other wise I have a few of those large plastic clamshell binders with 2003 and 2004 CD's in them. I figure if I have 2003 and 2004 CD's I must have the Library CD's for those years as well. ?
  3. Would the KB repository that's present in the April 2004 CD also be present (in some form) in any Technet CD's?
  4. > #3 CD of the April 2004 MSDN Library What exactly is printed on that CD? Or what color is that CD? I've got so many of those things - just knowing the month and year isin't enough to figure out what CD to look at.
  5. Has anyone looked at the html coding on the MS support KB pages to see how those pages are constructed such that they are (presumably by design) limiting access to only the most recent browsers?
  6. > No. BTW, I do get the blank pages with IE8 on XP SP3, too... > but FF 51.0.1 displays the KB articles OK, so they're still there. My point was to ask if the kb articles are visible / readable on any browser that works on win-98. Does FF 51 run under 98? If not, what version FF does that will render these kb articles enough to be useful.
  7. No browser I'm using on win98 (FF2, Opera 12.02, Retrozilla 2, Palemoon 3.6.32). With Netscape 7.2 I get "Error trying to validate certificate from using OSSP - malformed request). On the others, I get a completely blank page. If I select "no page style" in FF2, I get a set of content links along the left side of the page, extending several pages, but the content of the KB article is not there. Even when I view source, I don't believe that the KB text is part of the page. It must be loaded from a script or some other object that is not functional, not even with Opera 12.02. Is there a trick that will make the KB material visible with any of these browsers, or is there an alternative third-party website that has captured the KB material for a wide range of MS products (notably win-9x/me) and will present them in a viewable way without simply pointing back to MS links? (I've seen this lack-of-viewability of these KB articles for probably 3 to 5 years now when using these browsers. Is this an issue for others as well?)
  8. It looks like I have v. drivers (9/20/02) but your Vogons link is v. (9/23/03). My card is the Audigy2 Platinum (with the remote control and drive-bay-mounted multi-interface panel). I might try the newer drivers the next time I re-build that system. Thanks for the link.
  9. I downloaded what I think is the XPI file for the youtube-flash-video-player mentioned by XPocalypse. I had to use wget, so I don't have the download link handy. The install.rdf sez the home page for the add-on is I changed the minimum FF version to 2 and re-zipped the package and installed it. I see it show up in FF addon list as Youtube Flash Video Player 50.2.1 but the add-on window hangs when I click on Options. But that issue aside, and I don't know if what I'm seeing now is an effect of this add-on or not, but if you take a link to a youtube video like this: https www. I get a blank box in FF2 with no player controls. But if I alter the URL like this: https www. I get a full-window video presentation, with sample image overlay, with full playback controls, and with the option to change resolution to 480, 720 and 1080, with the default being 480.
  10. >What drivers did you use to get it working? The computer with the Audigy-2 card hasn't been used in a while. I had to locate the hard drive. I must have had a hard time with the sound card because I have a folder called "Audigy drivers" with a bunch of files in them that I must have been mixing and matching, seeing what works. This is what's in that folder: ========== CTAC32~1 SYS 134,656 03-25-03 1:11p ctac32k-1.sys CTAC32~2 SYS 646,128 04-06-04 10:24a ctac32k-2.sys CTSFM2~1 SYS 135,696 03-25-03 1:13p ctsfm2k-1.sys CTPRXY~1 SYS 6,144 03-25-03 1:13p ctprxy2k-1.sys CTPRXY~2 SYS 6,096 10-08-03 10:08a ctprxy2k-2.sys CTPRXY~3 SYS 6,096 03-16-04 4:36a ctprxy2k-3.sys CTPRXY~4 SYS 7,168 08-11-06 2:45p ctprxy2k-4.sys CTSFM2~2 SYS 130,288 10-08-03 10:09a ctsfm2k-2.sys CTSFM2~3 SYS 130,384 03-16-04 4:37a ctsfm2k-3.sys CTSFM2~4 SYS 143,872 08-11-06 2:45p ctsfm2k-4.sys EMUPIA~1 SYS 144,736 03-25-03 1:13p emupia2k-1.sys EMUPIA~2 SYS 145,488 10-13-03 5:42p emupia2k-2.sys EMUPIA~3 SYS 147,088 03-16-04 4:37a emupia2k-3.sys EMUPIA~4 SYS 78,336 08-11-06 2:45p emupia2k-4.sys HA10KX~1 SYS 850,880 04-03-03 3:59a ha10kx2k-1.sys HA10KX~2 SYS 904,784 02-24-04 12:17p ha10kx2k-2.sys HA10KX~3 SYS 952,144 06-16-04 3:47a ha10kx2k-3.sys HA10KX~4 SYS 766,976 08-11-06 2:45p ha10kx2k-4.sys HAP16V~1 SYS 142,752 04-01-03 1:07p haP16v2k-1.sys HAP16V~2 SYS 148,432 10-21-03 5:23p haP16v2k-2.sys HAP16V~3 SYS 150,160 05-03-04 7:48a haP16v2k-3.sys HAP16V~4 SYS 154,112 08-11-06 2:45p hap16v2k-4.sys HAP17V~1 SYS 180,224 08-11-06 2:45p hap17v2k-1.sys CTDLAN~1 DAT 200,089 03-25-03 1:37p ctdlang-1.dat CTDLAN~2 DAT 217,272 10-21-03 5:54p ctdlang-2.dat CTDLAN~3 DAT 181,922 03-16-04 4:50a ctdlang-3.dat CTSTAT~1 DAT 270,745 03-25-03 1:27p CTSTATIC-1.DAT CTSTAT~2 DAT 298,971 10-21-03 5:47p CTSTATIC-2.DAT CTSTAT~3 DAT 313,207 05-03-04 8:10a CTSTATIC-3.DAT COMMON~1 DLL 114,688 03-25-03 1:19p commonfx-1.dll COMMON~2 DLL 114,688 10-06-03 2:44p commonfx-2.dll COMMON~3 DLL 118,868 03-16-04 4:37a commonfx-3.dll COMMON~4 DLL 87,552 08-11-06 2:48p commonfx-4.dll CTAUDF~1 DLL 446,464 04-11-03 10:50a ctaudfx-1.dll CTAUDF~2 DLL 585,728 02-18-04 3:38p ctaudfx-2.dll CTAUDF~3 DLL 692,306 03-16-04 4:38a ctaudfx-3.dll CTAUDF~4 DLL 536,576 08-11-06 2:48p ctaudfx-4.dll CTSBLF~1 DLL 598,016 04-11-03 10:52a ctsblfx-1.dll CTSBLF~2 DLL 606,208 03-16-04 4:39a ctsblfx-2.dll CTSBLF~3 DLL 548,352 08-11-06 2:48p ctsblfx-3.dll CTAUD2~1 SYS 502,160 04-11-03 6:32a ctaud2k-1.sys CTAUD2~2 SYS 366,352 02-23-04 3:11p ctaud2k-2.sys CTAUD2~3 SYS 371,376 06-23-04 5:36p ctaud2k-3.sys CTAUD2~4 SYS 371,376 10-18-04 3:21p ctaud2k-4.sys CTAUD2~5 SYS 374,032 10-20-04 9:06a ctaud2k-5.sys CTAUD2~6 SYS 499,584 08-11-06 2:45p ctaud2k-6.sys ==================== In terms of what's in the windows/system32/drivers folder, this is what's there (that's newer than 1999 file-date): ==================== MSDV SYS 55,936 10-21-00 2:26a msdv.sys BDASUP SYS 4,992 10-21-00 2:30a bdasup.sys MPE SYS 13,984 10-21-00 2:30a mpe.sys STREAMIP SYS 13,664 10-21-00 2:30a streamip.sys NDISIP SYS 7,424 10-21-00 2:30a ndisip.sys SLIP SYS 10,016 10-21-00 2:30a slip.sys NABTSFEC SYS 86,016 10-21-00 2:30a nabtsfec.sys CCDECODE SYS 15,264 10-21-00 2:30a ccdecode.sys WSTCODEC SYS 18,208 10-21-00 2:30a wstcodec.sys KS SYS 117,056 11-07-00 3:16p KS.SYS MSKSSRV SYS 6,368 11-07-00 3:16p MSKSSRV.SYS MSPCLOCK SYS 4,800 11-07-00 3:16p MSPCLOCK.SYS STREAM SYS 41,920 11-07-00 3:16p STREAM.SYS MSTEE SYS 4,896 11-07-00 3:16p mstee.sys SWENUM SYS 3,456 11-07-00 3:16p SWENUM.SYS CTGAME SYS 12,160 12-30-02 10:53a CTGAME.SYS PFMODNT SYS 15,840 03-05-03 3:07p PFMODNT.SYS CTOSS2K SYS 178,672 10-08-03 10:06a CTOSS2K.SYS CTOSS9X SYS 177,520 03-16-04 4:36a CTOSS9X.SYS CTPRXY2K SYS 6,096 03-16-04 4:36a CTPRXY2K.SYS CTSFM2K SYS 130,384 03-16-04 4:37a CTSFM2K.SYS EMUPIA2K SYS 147,088 03-16-04 4:37a EMUPIA2K.SYS CTAC32K SYS 646,128 04-06-04 10:24a ctac32k.sys HAP16V2K SYS 150,160 05-03-04 7:48a HAP16V2K.SYS HAP17V2K SYS 147,696 05-03-04 7:49a HAP17V2K.SYS HA10KX2K SYS 952,144 06-16-04 3:47a HA10KX2K.SYS CTAUD2K SYS 374,032 10-20-04 9:06a ctaud2k.sys USBPORT SYS 174,916 06-23-05 1:59p USBPORT.SYS USBEHCI SYS 28,992 06-23-05 1:59p USBEHCI.SYS USBHUB20 SYS 67,568 06-23-05 2:00p USBHUB20.SYS CTDVDA2K SYS 340,704 11-10-05 5:06p CTDVDA2K.SYS =================== I know some of those are Creative drivers and stuff. If you want to know more details about a specific file, let me know. If there are files somewhere else that isin't in the above list, let me know.
  11. I have an Audigy-2 card (circa 2002) that sez model # SB0240. Is this similar to Audigy ZS card?
  12. Opera 12.02 will play this youtube link as-is on my win-98 system: Although I do notice for some weeks now that Opera playback of youtube video's are not smooth (maybe 3 or 4 frames per second, even when set to 360 resolution) and sometimes just pause indefinately during playback. Before pressing play, a static frame/image from the video is displayed. If I add &nohtml5=1 to the end such that the URL becomes: I get a black screen (no static image) with a red Play button in the middle of the screen and no player controls at the bottom. If I press the play button, the black screen turns into static (like you would see on a TV tuned to a blank channel) and the message "An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: L1CUhW6vVA7jiW2n)". Before I started typing this reponse, I tried playing the first link on FF 2 and got the static frame with full player controls. I press play and get the screen with static fuzz. I've tried it again just now, and it is playing! This is the first time in weeks I can remember FF2 playing a youtube video. It's playing right now in the back ground (on ff2) as I type this using Opera 12. The highest selectable resolution is 360. I had also tried the second link (with &nohtml5=1 added to the end) on FF2 and it didn't work. The screen is initially black (no static video frame) and the play controls show up on the bottom. I press play and immediate get static with error message (An error has occurred. Please try again later). Opera 12 says it's using flash version 11,7,700,257 and the small flash test video plays in a small window on that page: FF2 says it's using flash version 10,3,183,86 and the bouncing red box short flash animation video plays fine (but the advertising box that appears after the animation is a blank window in FF2, but the ad does show up on Opera 12.02).
  13. There are times when I connect cameras, routers or other devices on my local lan that I don't always remember what their IP address is. So I resort to using programs like "Advanced IP Scanner" to do a scan and show what IP's appear to be in use. I've also written a dos batch file that performs 1 ping on each of the 254 IP addresses and pipes the result to a text file. In both cases, if I have some audio streaming from the internet being played by VLC, or I have a web-cam window open (low-bandwidth, 1 frame per second) while I'm doing these scans, that the audio streaming or the webcam feed will drop out. Is there some max_number_of_connections thing that I'm hitting on win-98? Is there some registry entries that I can mess with?
  14. >Windows 9x will crash with more than 512MB of RAM Don't you mean that *during installation* Win-9x will crash if the system has more than 512 mb ram, but after installation the amount of ram can almost always be increased to 1 gb with the correct editing of the win.ini file? > Windows 9x will not use Native IDE SATA controllers/drives without a paid patch Don't you mean to say that if win-98 sata drivers are available for the given controller chip (as is the case with at least the Silicon Image 3112/3114 chips) then that means win-98 *will not* be using ESDI_506.pdr (but will be using some other 32-bit driver) when the SATA controller is set to Native/SATA mode in the bios? (in other words, for at least the 3112/3114 chips, Win-98 is fully compatible with SATA controllers that are set to native/sata mode in the system bios because there are available win-98 drivers for said chips).
  15. > I want to build a powerful retro PC that will have dual boot, XP and 98SE. Look into the Asrock 4core DUAL-VSTA and DUAL-SATA2 motherboards. Based on VIA chipset, there are win-98 drivers for everything except HD-audio. Win-98 drivers for SATA controller means you can set large hard drives to native/sata mode and you won't see the 137gb drive-size limit. Those boards have PCIe *and* AGP card slots so it will take either type of video card, and will take DDR or DDR2 ram. These are socket-775 boards. You'll probably have to look on ebay for them. These boards were sold new about 9 or 10 years ago.