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  1. Running Windows 98 in 2017...

    I'm just going to ask a simple question: Of all the updates / patches offered here by user 98SE, which ones are not available through the various update packages (Problemchyld, etc) or available on MDGX?
  2. Opera 12.02 is the last of the 12.xx versions that "we" have managed to get working under win-98/me. And that's with using KernelEx. I've been exploring if Opera 12.18 can somehow work under 98 and have gotten some partial success (I've created an opera.dll that is a switcher or re-director to the functions in the real opera.dll (versions 12.02 and 12.18) and have discovered the function that is causing issues).
  3. Yes, I can't navigate between discussion groups any more, and my username/password login info is not being remembered. The "remember my login" check-box, when clicked on, does not put anything in the box but a bit of a shadow does seem to surround the box. So the functionality of the "remembering" part is not working, but I don't know where that is supposed to happen (on msfn or in opera?). As far as discussing this website issue here in this win-98/me group, or on the board devoted to website issues -> isin't it clear that this is an issue SPECIFIC ONLY TO WIN-9x/ME USERS? Isin't the continued functionality and any remedies or improvements that we can discover about how to continue to use msfn.org under win-98 best discussed IN THIS GROUP ?!?!?! Because it does not affect the wider internet community (using win-xp or 7, 8, 10, etc) ?
  4. Was there a change to the msfn site software about a week ago? I don't think any of the site navigation buttons/links are working any more under win-98 / Opera 12.02.
  5. The test page is here: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html I'mtrying to figure out if there's a problem with my FF2 configs - or if getting "www.ssllabs.com has sent an incorrect or unexpected message. Error code -12243" is normal/expected for FF2. The page says (after dismissing the error message) "Failed, probably due to firewall restrictions " and is showing that no TLS or SSL protocals are working (some say NO, some say Firewall). I'm not running any firewall. Opera 12.02 is saying TLS 1.3 (no), 1.2 (yes), 1.1 (yes), 1.0 (yes), SSL3 (yes), SSl2 (no).
  6. Opera.exe (v 12.02 and v 12.18) work fine with Opera.dll (v 12.02). Both versions of Opera.exe give the Autoupdate error when used with Opera.dll v 12.18. (at least that's where I am right now). On the Opera discussion forum, regarding the autoupdate error: See if it thinks it has downloaded an update - if it has, delete it. On Windows 10 machine Opera 12.18 starts fine, but when asked to check for updates it said "Update check failed". Another post said to open up operaprefs.ini (in the profile folder) and look for "Level Of Update Automation=" and "Auto Update State=" and set them both to =0 if they're not already. If that doesn't solve the problem then try removing / renaming operaprefs.old and try restarting. I have operaprefs.ini in c:\windows\application data\opera and both of the above settings are indeed set to 0.
  7. I'm at the point where opera.dll 12.18 - IP.41 says no patches needed, even if I select Walk Dependencies. But Opera throws the message "Autoupdate failed init: -2" and waits for me to hit OK, then it goes away. Which I guess has been seen before: This is with RASAPI32.dll from win-98. About the only thing left to try is the win-me version. My previous attempt with the win-2k version (5.00.2195.6920) of rasapi32 gave issues (IP.41) with rasman.dll, which I have in windows/system (again, win-2k version). I believe the issues with rasman.dll are because of ntdll.dll: [ntdll.dll] RtlStringFromGUID= NtSetValueKey= NtOpenKey= NtDeleteValueKey= RtlAppendUnicodeStringToString= RtlOpenCurrentUser= NtQueryValueKey= RtlGUIDFromString= RtlUlongByteSwap= RtlConvertSidToUnicodeString= Then again, I have no idea if fixing those, and using win-2k versions of rasapi32 and rasman.dll will get opera 12.18 working. What is this "Autoupdate" thing that Opera is trying to do? Any way to stop it?
  8. I seem to have several psapi.dll files that don't give version information (files-properties): 4,608 bytes, created june 1/2015 5,120 bytes, created dec 14/2008 (this is in \windows) 12,288 bytes, created may 27/2015 (this is in \windows\kernelex) The psapi.dll contained in psapi3b.7z is 4096 bytes (and also has no version info) so I'm not sure where the above 3 that I have came from. I take it that this is the file I should have in \windows\kernelex ? I have a few other psapi.dll files, with version info, scattered around the system: 18,192 bytes (version 4.00) Windows NT 28,944 bytes (version 5.00.2134.1) Windows 2000 45,136 bytes (version 4.00) Windows NT (this is in \windows\system) Strange to see 2 different 4.00/NT versions. The 18kb one seems to be associated with InstallAware 8\plug-ins\MDAC. Here is what's in my k452stub.log file. The file was over 1500 lines - I sorted it and removed the duplicates: [K452stub] = Advapi32.dll:CryptAcquireContextW=z5 ;? = = Kernel32.dll:HeapSetInformation=z4 ;? = = Kernel32.dll:IsValidLanguageGroup=z2 ;? = = Kernel32.dll:SetDllDirectoryA=z1 ;? = I don't seem to have a Kstub822.log file.
  9. Regarding Opera.dll 12.18, I'm at the point now where IP.41 is telling me: [Patches needed] opera.dll=Functions [IPHLPAPI.DLL] CancelIPChangeNotify= GetAdaptersAddresses= I get the same output regardless the setting for Process Delay imports. This is in my kex core.ini: [DCFG1] contents=Kstub822,std,kexbases,kexbasen,K452stub desc=Default mode I can see GetAdaptersAddresses is mentioned in kstub822.ini: [Iphlpapi.dll] GetAdaptersAddresses=>iphlpapi4: GetPerAdapterInfo=>iphlpapi4: iphlpapi4.dll is located in \windows\kernelex folder. I can see CancelIPChangeNotify is mentioned in Kexbases.dll and iphlpapi4.dll. I see *\IPHLPAPI.DLL in this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\KernelEx\AppSettings\Flags I see iphlpapi.dll in these registry keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\InstalledFiles HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\KnownDLLs The data value for IPHLPAPI for the KnownDLLs key is IPHLPAPI.JMP. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to keep that reference to IPHLPAPI.JMP or delete the key. I have the file IPHLPAPI.JMP located in \windows\system folder (should it be in kernelex folder?).
  10. I don't know if this is just new to me, or anyone else, but replacing Secur32.dll and IPhlpAPI.dll with XP-SP3 version does actually result in a workable win-98 system. I found one problem with an OCX file used by Trendnet IPviewSE program (web-cam software) is caused by IPhlpAPI, but Opera 12 and FF2 seem to work just fine. Swapping those files doesn't quite fix the issues with Opera.dll version 12.18 - I get a missing library error instead of "a device attached to the system is not functioning". So now I'm going to look into what file (looks like a DLL file) is missing. Also - note this: Win-98 version of secur32.dll is about 59 kb, and XP-SP3 is actually 3kb smaller, yet the XP version impliments more than double the number of functions. Almost all the extra functions are unicode (W) versions that the 98 dll doesn't (naturally) impliment. Has anyone thought of adding an ascii <-> unicode translator into Kex so that when a (W) function is called, Kex translates the call to Ascii and performs the function call using a native module (if present) ? Maybe there's a way to use unicows to do this? Edit: Ok, so ImportPatcher is saying "no problems found" with the 12.18 opera.dll, but if I walk dependencies I get: [Patches needed] PSAPI.DLL=Functions IPHLPAPI.DLL=Functions [ntdll.dll] NtStopProfile= NtSetIntervalProfile= NtStartProfile= NtWriteFile= NtQueryVirtualMemory= RtlGetNtProductType= RtlCreateUnicodeString= RtlxAnsiStringToUnicodeSize= NtDuplicateObject= NlsMbCodePageTag= RtlxUnicodeStringToAnsiSize= RtlAcquireResourceShared= RtlAcquireResourceExclusive= RtlReleaseResource= NtFreeVirtualMemory= NtSetInformationThread= NtQueryEvent= RtlCreateUnicodeStringFromAsciiz= ZwReplyWaitReplyPort= RtlCopyUnicodeString= ZwRequestWaitReplyPort= NtOpenEvent= ZwFreeVirtualMemory= RtlGUIDFromString= I have 2 different versions of psapi.dll. One in \windows (5kb, no version info) and one in windows\system (45kb, v 4.00). No idea if I should be using something else, or where it goes. Running IP against the 45kb version of psapi.dll gives these problems: [ntdll.dll] NtStopProfile= NtSetIntervalProfile= NtStartProfile= NtWriteFile= NtQueryVirtualMemory= Running IP against the XP version of IPhlpapi.dll gives these problems: [ntdll.dll] RtlReleaseResource= RtlAcquireResourceShared= RtlAcquireResourceExclusive= RtlGUIDFromString=
  11. Verify.exe is 4.05.2016.17 and when run it says "Kernelex has been successfully installed and is now ..." Don't know if this is a factor, but my "c:\windows\" folder is really "c:\win98\" (ie, %windir% = c:\win98). kernelex.dll is version 4.05.2016.17. > At this time, the ImportPatcher executable must be named "ImportPatcher.exe" or ... Ah, that must be it. Mine was named "ImportPatcher.41.exe". I renamed it to ImportPatcher.exe. It is located in c:\win98\sendto. Running IP again against opera.dll v12.18, I get this: [Patches needed] opera.dll=Functions [Secur32.dll] InitSecurityInterfaceW= [IPHLPAPI.DLL] CancelIPChangeNotify= Running IP with Walk Dependencies + Link to patched copies gives the above, plus this: PSAPI.DLL=Functions [ntdll.dll] NtStopProfile= NtSetIntervalProfile= NtStartProfile= NtWriteFile= NtQueryVirtualMemory=
  12. I've set Kex compatibility mode for IP.41 to be Vista. Kex compatibility mode for opera.dll (12.18) is set to default (should it be forced to something else?). This is what I get now. I put (in brackets) any functions that exist in kex stub files: [Patches needed] opera.dll=Functions [Secur32.dll] LsaGetLogonSessionData= (kstub822, kstub730) LsaEnumerateLogonSessions= (kstub822, kstub730) InitSecurityInterfaceW= (kstub822, kstub730) LsaFreeReturnBuffer= (kstub822, kstub730) [KERNEL32.dll] GetUserGeoID= (kstub822, kstub730, stubs.ini) GetGeoInfoW= (kstub822, kstub730, stubs.ini) [USER32.dll] SetLayeredWindowAttributes= (not present in any .ini file) [IPHLPAPI.DLL] CancelIPChangeNotify= (not present in any .ini file) Why are the above functions in Secur32 and Kernel32 being flagged by IP? They are not being picked up, even though they exist in the stub files. What about SetLayeredWindowAttributes and CancelIPChangeNotify? (edit): If I select Walk Dependencies in IP, it looks like PSAPI.DLL has an issue, and I see 9 functions that show up under ntdll.dll that I didn't see before. I still see the same 8 functions that are listed above.
  13. I downloaded Kexbeta.17 and copied the 7 files it contained over into my c:\windows\kernelex folder (over-writing the existing files). Restarted, and ran IP.41 on the opera.dll (12.18). I get this: [Secur32.dll] LsaGetLogonSessionData= LsaEnumerateLogonSessions= InitSecurityInterfaceW= LsaFreeReturnBuffer= [KERNEL32.dll] GetUserGeoID= GetGeoInfoW= [USER32.dll] SetLayeredWindowAttributes= [IPHLPAPI.DLL] CancelIPChangeNotify= My stubs.ini (and kstub730.ini) contains GetGeoInfoW=z5e GetUserGeoID=t1 My kstub730.ini contains InitSecurityInterfaceW=z0 LsaEnumerateLogonSessions=t2 LsaFreeReturnBuffer=t1 So I shouldn't be seeing those in Import Patcher - right? But I am. > For now, use Kexstubs.dll with the definition: SetProcessDEPPolicy=f1e50 Where do I put that?
  14. This is what Import Patcher is telling me: [Secur32.dll] LsaGetLogonSessionData= LsaEnumerateLogonSessions= InitSecurityInterfaceW= LsaFreeReturnBuffer= [KERNEL32.dll] GetUserGeoID= GetGeoInfoW= [USER32.dll] SetLayeredWindowAttributes= [IPHLPAPI.DLL] CancelIPChangeNotify= Which you will note is a little bit different than what abcdefg posted above. This is for the 12.18 dll file. I am using import patcher with Start dependency search in local, Test by loading (Kex), and Process delay imports checked. I get *No Problems Found* when running the same analysis on the 12.02 opera.dll. Why so few issues (or no issues in the case of 12.02) when Dependency Walker shows many issues (missing functions) ??
  15. If you take your standard youtube link, which looks like this: "www.youtube.com/watch?v=(video-id)" I find that I can typically always play it in either FF2 or Opera 12.02 if I change the link to this: "www.youtube.com/v/(video-id)". Now that said, I've got 2 win-98 systems, and one of them I can seem to play youtube video's in the first format on opera 12.02 and I don't get the "your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available" message. If I right-click on the video and select "get debug info" I see a lot of garble-dee-gook and nothing obvious telling me what version of flash that my Opera is using (I'm assuming that flash is used somehow). So if anyone knows how to find out what Opera is using to play these video's, I can then figure out how exactly my one system is still able to play them in "native" (window'd) format.