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  1. Really? (maybe I'm wrong... )And you never answered #1 - or maybe THAT is what you are seeing when you get "Select OS" - NOT NTLDR but the Ubuntu Loader, which has BOTH OS'. You do know the difference between the two, right? Ubuntu will install a different Boot Loader ("GRUB") that runs BEFORE "NTLDR" or the actual Ubuntu (and which "points" to the Ubuntu OR WinXP to "select one"). "Control Panel->Remove" - is that in XP (which was question #3 that you never fully answered) or Ubuntu? 3 - Did it ever FULLY boot into the XP AND RUN when you selected XP after you installed? The only reference I've found is when you boot to the Ubuntu CD and select "Install Alongside" ("WUBI"). edit - and I found this thread. It really looks like your "pointers" and "loaders" (not to mention Boot Code) are messed up. edit2 - and also found this. Which means that what you suggest doesn't sound right at all. yes u r correct ... 3# ans. Yes ,,,before this problem i could boot in xp fully... & i installed ubuntu after xp3 ......(for ur info.) plz, ,tell me solution ,,,rather than discussing unwanted things.. u can tell me some steps ,,,to repair that xp3 file/folders ,,, so that i can login in my exising xp3 on my pc
  2. ans1 1st xp3 ,,,2nd ubuntuans 2 both os in c ans 3 yes but can not use or log in it.. 1 - OK so you set up Ubuntu to be the BootManager? (Boot either Ubuntu or XP) 2 - Really? How did you get BOTH on the C-Drive? -(note: a Partition is not the same as a Hard Drive - a Hard Drive CONTAINS Partitions) 3 - Not a good answer - Did it ever fully boot into XP (you are indicating you NEVER were able to after installing Ubuntu) any one can use UBUNTU as normal programe that can be install /removed through --------control panel >>remove progame Before windows start ,,it ask to select os.
  3. ans1 1st xp3 ,,,2nd ubuntu ans 2 both os in c ans 3 yes but can not use or log in it..
  4. i m using Xp3 & Ubuntu 10.10 (multi O S.) IN MY PC form 2-3 days ,,,, i cant use my xp3... for xp3.. after i enter password ,,,, welcome screen appears & remain there,, i couldn't log in or i couldn't use it hard disk Led remains on or blinking but i couldn't ues it finally i cut off the power to end this.. But when i chose Ubuntu 10.10 O.S ... i can use it very well.. please help me someone ... i want to start that xp3 OS & i dont want to format it...