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  1. Problem solved! No errors at all. Attached log. Thanks. WinSetupFromUSB_beta9_test2.zip
  2. Glad to help. Attached Beta 9 log complete, just in case. WinSetupFromUSB_beta9_completed.zip
  3. Seems to be working now, doesn't hang anymore and I checked the hash of the DPMS iso and is ok. But the log shows errors anyways with all the files now. Now I'm running directly from Desktop. Also tried Beta 8 from Desktop and waited 15 minutes, the DPMS iso was automatically skipped with error after that time, and with some other files happen the same. I aborted the process when saw your answer. Attached Beta 8 log and Beta 9 log. Beta 9 log is incompleted because is currently running, but shows the same error with all files. WinSetupFromUSB_beta8.zip WinSetupFromUSB_beta9.zip
  4. Hi! First of all, thanks for this great app. I have a problem with my new ADATA S102 Pro USB 3.0. When I start the process to put Windows XP and Windows 7 in the flash drive, it hangs in the first file, the DPMS iso. I also tried disabling the DPMS iso in the advanced menu, but after copying 50 files, it hangs again. WSFU Beta 8 freezes completely, and the only way to quit the program is unplugging the flash drive. The flash drive works perfectly in any pc including mine. I can copy any file of any size to my flash drive. I have Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. I tried using both x86 and x64 executables, running as admin, etc. I don't have Antivirus. WSFU Beta 7 is working perfect. This is the log: Any other information that I can provide just tell me Thanks.