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  1. I have been watching this for a while now and would like to add that there is a tracer in windows 8 that will prevent shut down. and when you try to force shut down it will tell you people are conect to your computer do you really want to shut down. The people are Microsoft !!!!! Remove t he tracer and will shut down no problem! This is what I found and did to windows 8. Get a program that will find it.
  2. Light weight would depend on just what you need .Can start at 691mb or on up .The more you add the more it grows just like window's . I went to Linux and had no problem what so ever with the learning curve . And I had been and windows user from windows 3.0 era . Gameing I am not into never have been But it can be done. I do a lot of pod casting and research with my computer. And maybe watch a netflix (yes) with the grand .So what I am saying You have Linux for Beginners -intermediate and novice.
  3. My main distro is linux and you'll get a technical support for 5 years just keep it updated as you do with windows.No reinstalling ever 6 M unless you just want to. I also Have windows 8 on a drive ! What I find is a matter of preference . I do everthing with linux I can do with windows.
  4. I think windows 8 is more or less for the young people and cell phones.It's is not anything I would want on my Desk top or laptop for what I use a computer for. What it all comes down to is a person's personal preference !
  5. I have been running Zorin 6.0 for quite some time now and it is very stable and dose everything I need it to do .There is a release 6.1 out now and if you have 6.0 just let it update no big deal .Zorin has become my main system and love it. I do how ever have windows on a drive just in case something should come up where I should need it! Don't know what that would be !