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  1. Only Office software installed is MSWord.
  2. Allright, that would downoad that file. But I think I should be able to downoad all relevant updates. Do updates have to match the language of the OS installed? I thought I had installed SP4 on this drive, but I don't find it on the lsit of installed software. It probably was installed on a different drive. How come I get updates before I've done anything to enable them. except for enabling updates in the Security Center menu Firewall/Automatic Updates/Virus Protection? I am afraid I am not as familiar with the registry as I ought to be. I will search the forum for the info I need to modify the registry to handle POS Ready updates. Alhough it seems like updates already are coming. ETA, When I try to use the link, I am being informed that the languages don't match,
  3. My problem is that I am running a Norwegian XP that refuses to update English. Should I rather install English XP. Although SP4 dosn't seem to be bothered by Norwegian XP. I have got 158 updates since oct. 13. Last one so far today is: Windows XPSikkerhetsoppdatering for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 på Windows Server 2003 og Windows XP x86 (KB2742596)18. oktober 2017Automatiske oppdateringer
  4. Machine keeps updating but I only have 1.420.2600.6421 of USP10.dll. I'll wait and see what happens. I only wonder how important all these updates may be.
  5. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    I am afraid backup of systems have never been handled well by me. Copies of files - I always make several, more than I never have had to use;) and installing SP4 has never caused any trouble. Should I just install the code for POS updates to the registry instead?
  6. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    Well, now maybe I have the problems licked, maybe signorina fortuna finally heard my prayers. Anyhow, things look quite a lot better this late evening than the last three-four days. I succeeded installing XP with no hitches, and went on to install motherboard drivers and finally the graphics driver. And it all runs sooo smoothly! On the card I suspected was kaput! On the day of victory, who count his lost battles? I don't expect to be back here for a long time, just enjoying my last days here at my St. Helena. Pray for me that installing Sp4 won't cause more problems.
  7. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    No, I've not done anything to the BIOS. First thing I do after powering up a newly assembled machine is to install the drivers from the support CD. Installing the Nvidia Geforce, Netgear wireless and Realtek network drivers are about the last to be installed. With the M5A99FX... motherboard and the AMD FX6300 6-core CPU (APU), it take 40 seconds from pushing the on-button until the screen hourglass changes into the regular pointer. That's on the No1 machine I assembled, The No2 machine is a headache. I made a litmus test this morning. I move the SSD disk from the No1 machine to the No2 machine, and as soon as the initial screen of the XP boot process appears on the No2 machine, an error msg shows for a split second before the screen shows the BSoD. That limits the problem to the mobo itself or the BIOS. If there is a BIOS problem, I don't know how or if I could fix it. I think I will contact the supplier about it. I would have tried to record the screen to my cell phone but I only know how to record stills, no movies.
  8. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    Yes, I got something like that, but didn't write it down. Earlier experience is that I don' get any feedback on it. Therefore I ignored it this time. Will take care if it happens again. I thought I'd get some advantages from replacing my old motherboards like the M5A78L-M USB3. That one has never give me any problems at all, running steady as a rock. I'd gladly swap one of the M6A99FX PRO R2.0's with a M5A78L-M USB3. I regret I started this upgrading project. I'd have saved some money and a lot of effort without it. And I haven't learned much from it either.
  9. Installing XP on new motherboards.

    Mr.Presario, what problem did you have before you disabled CPU cores? ETA: Everything is so slow I am about to give up, it doesn't make sense! Even using a typical 7200 rpm hard drive, booting ought not take so much time to appear as painfully slow. On the order of several minutes! I can't believe the problem is in my 4GB of DRAM? I put one each of two 2GB RAM strips in the DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1 sockets.
  10. There is something terribly wrong with the second machine that I installed with a M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard. Everything runs at snails pace and I can't stand it. I changed the SATA parameters from AHCI to IDE but don't see much difference. Anyway, I'm going to get a SSD drive and hope a miracle happens. What could possibly be different on this machine; the first one runs perfectly! With a SSD drive though.
  11. Sorry, I'll do my best to honor your humble request!
  12. Software to burn iso images

    Thank you, jaclaz! That's just the one I remember, a great piece of programming! Other than that, I am stressed to the border of collapse, Hardware problems a lot here. P.t. I have one machine working and won't change anything before i've got another one running as well.
  13. Software to burn iso images

    I am afraid I have to ask for a little more help than I used to. Web sites are becoming ever more restricted and i am getting ever older and can't find the utility programs that used before. Searching for Iso burning programs, I found samples of the sceen images of the program I used before - but I am not able to find where or how to download it. Is magic iso the one I want? To begin with, I just to want to make a copy of my MS original XP disk to work with, so that I don't spoil the original
  14. It turned out like installing Sp4 was very straightforward. But I got a very puzzling and sinister problem today: I have three machines, one that's been running faithfully for years, and two other that I've been building in a couple of spare cabinets, with new ASUS motherboards. I had expected to be able to finalize the job today, just inserting a disk drive and installing XP. But what happens is that I am unable to get sound out of the machines. I am as always installing Musicmatch Jukebox and I've never experienced any problems with that. But today , on all three of my machines I am unable to get even the slightest squeak out of them. I've never experienced anything like it, Not only the two machines I worked on yesterday, but also the machine that I've had running for several years with very few problems that could not be fixed. I feel like I've got to give up and buy a new machine, but hows do I determine if the machine will run Windows XP? Anyone have any experience with that? I tend to think that ASUS machines might be good candidates for XP but I've never tried that before.
  15. Last update here was Security Update for WES09 and POSReady 2009 (KB4034034) on August 10th. WRT certificates, I haven't got a clue about them. Are they something I ought to know anything about? (running Sp4) I am about to install Xp4 on a new machine. Do I install Windows XPSp3 first, and then run Windows Xp-USP4-v3.1b-x86-ENU.exe? Is the file Windows XP-USP4-v3.1b-x86-ENU.exe:Zone.Identifier something I have to install or is it something that SP4 handle all by itself? it's a long time since last I Installed SP4.