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  1. Install Windows XP from a USB-Device with Extended Driverpacks Read the following to understand my way of taught and the actions I have taken: 1. Used my retail copy of Windows XP to make a virtual machine in VmWare Workstation. And updated it to latest security patches and installed anti-virus software. 2. Downloaded the software Imgburn then used to option to copy CD to image. Image file name is 'xp.iso' 3. Used '7-zip' to extract the '.iso' archive to a folder named nlite-data for use with 'Nlite' 4. Downloaded Nlite and installed it. 5. Executed 'Nlite' to add/remove things like I allways do. No changes. - OnePiece Post SP3 UpdatePack 6. 'Nlite' modified files now exists in 'nlite-data' 7. Downloads DriverPacks.net Installer for Windows XP and Driverpacks for Windows XP 8. Executed DriverPacks Software to add a dummy installation so I can use Mass Storage Drivers text mode and alot of other driverpacks. 9. 'Nlite' is now used to make a '.iso' 10. Burning the '.iso' as a CD Final step: I install Windows XP with CD compatible optical reader... Anyway I can still use Mass Storage Drivers text mode and USB installation of Windows XP? What steps do I need to do? 2nd rate: Can I use BartPE on a Flash drive with Diagnostic Tools and Enable installation from the Live Environment?