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  1. Hey I have installed a product call eQProducer from Witness systems and after a reboot the Windows Explorer launches automatically. It opens to the root directory of the application. {C:\Program Files\Witness} The Program is one level deeper. I have check the Registry run line for any reference to that directory. found none I have searched the entire registry for any reference and found none. I have check the Startup to see if there is any reference to that directory. found None I have searched the HD for any reference that looks at the directory and found none. I have check the autoexec.bat file for any reference. found None. I have checked the scheduler for any reference. found none. I get no error what so ever if I rename the folder (though the app wount run) I have uninstalled the application and left the root application there and the explorer window will launch still. The developer states there is nothing in the install that will do this. If I uninstall and rename the directory I do not get any errors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Clark