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  1. Thank you for your fast reply! It makes sense!
  2. Hello my apologies for this question I know this has been asked in a couple of topics but I couldn't get a "definitive" answer. Is using VLITE on an VISTA machine legal by Microsoft Standards? And can they enforce that "Law"? I am currently testing it and I like it very much but I do not now how "Legal" this "altering" of installation is? My situation: - Vista 64Bit English - An official (Legal!, not pirated/copied) VISTA OEM install DVD with OEM key - Using VLITE to strip (not add) as many not-needed components: Windows Media Player Internet Explorer Backgrounds / Clips / etc... Drivers (windows also installs drivers, I do not need them as I have the drivers of my hardware on seperate CD's / DVD's ...) Tweak (disable services I do not need) Remove windows defender (I have other anti-spyware / anti virus options) ... - I do NOT change / remove files that are related to the activation/validation of VISTA Does Microsoft forbid the use of VLITE in a legal sense or is it allowed? Or this a grey area? Is there a tool that can strip windows components after install just like VLITE does? I know how I can uninstall components, but using a tool makes it a bit easier (If such a tool exists).