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  1. Thanks! I use old command /config:"config7.ini"
  2. Hi JFX! Why the ini file of a configuration doesn't work with my name ("config7.ini")? If the ini file is called "WinNTSetup.ini" - everything works.
  3. After installation Win7 icons "MBR, BOOTMGR PBR & BOOT PART" didn't change on OK. In version 3.7.* everything changed.
  4. Hi JFX! If I install WinXP from*.bat file in v3 program: WinNTSetup.exe /nt5 /configfile:"WinNTSetup.ini" why the tab remains on Win 7/8/..... and doesn't change on Win 2000/XP....? In v2 program such wasn't
  5. Thanks everything works!
  6. Hi JFX! *From translator* 1. If I use the *.ini file at installation WinXP that the provision of *.sif files isn't remembered. Why doesn't remember the folder in which it is? 2. If I use the *.ini file at installation Win7 always the last index gets out. Whether it is possible to make that a certain Index by default got out?
  7. Hi JFX! *From translator* Why if I use the *.ini file for installation of WinXP the program opens in Vista/7/8/2008/2012 tab? Thanks Sorry, I already understood
  8. You are right it is time to transfer on ini files
  9. Hi JFX! Some questions for you I have win7.wim with 4 Windows editions: 1 - Home Premium x86 2 - Ult x86 3 - Home Premium x64 4 - Ult x64 Install win7.wim: WinNTSetup.exe -NT6 -source:Y:\LIVE\winsetup\win7\win7.wim -syspart:C: -WimIndex:2 -tempdrive:C: -unattend:"win7\Autounattend.xml" -Sysletter:C If I choose 64 bit edition, description on top remains 32 bit edition. Why? Are there still no command lines keys for function "Disable automatic system Restore..." and "Turn off USB..."?
  10. Hi, JFX The storage of the last file location does not function. for example: I have 01.sif and 02.sif. If 01.sif is already given as the parameter qualifier, the choice of 02.sif is to begin from scratch, and not from the folder where all *.sif are stored
  11. Hi JFX! What keys for command line "Desable system restore", "Desable Hibernate" and others? Thanks
  12. Hi JFX! Sorry for my english... It would be desirable that the program was a little finished. Will allow I have some *.sif files: 1.sif, 2.sif, 3.sif, 4.sif, 5.sif being in the Disk:\a\b\c\ By default one of these files is specified as a key to program start. For example whether it 1.sif. Is possible that by pressing a choice of the new sif file in the program I was in the folder where there are all sif files instead of in another? Too most and for xml. Thanks
  13. Hi JFX! When there is a new version with the button "Cancel"?