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  1. Microsoft was very certain that they did not want anyone customizing its latest OS to their liking, many felt betrayed and thought MS was forcing its users to use its OS as they say. Users felt alienated and hated the design of Win8. Many Win8 users were paid off by MS to monitor forums and make sure that no one brought up the topic of Aero Glass or any software for modifying win8. I was a forum member who was banned for life because I talked about Aero Glass and porting the release previews code over to RTM to enable it. I spent many weeks working on RP to make it work past its expiration date which I accomplished, but a later re-install after RP's expiration date proved it could not be activated anymore. So I went back to XP, then win7. After awhile I found Big Muscles Aero Glass and knew it was going to get great results. I am very happy and thankful someone cares so much about aero that they spend their time working hard to please everyone and not want money for it, that is pure kindness and should be greatly appreciated. wooh sorry to reminisce folks, anyway its almost a year later and now we see more and more people showing us pictures of how their OS looks. Style and color can be changed by many programs out there including custom themes and start screen customizer. Show us your top picks of you favorite themes and colors.
  2. No worries, I was feeling bold again so I tried UXThemePatcher and have had no more issues so far. I also have windows 8 start screen customizer for replacing the solid colored themes. The custom themes and start screen customizer make my win 8 look far different from what microsoft intended it to.
  3. I'm having a problem with the opacity option, its not doing anything. I tried every setting like native blur and using different DX versions but nothing seems to work. Blur works, but not opacity. No matter where a slide the slider it dosent work. If I'm correct the more opacity the more transparent the windows are, and the less opacity the more solid they are. This isn't the case and I just get the same results in transparency everytime no matter how much blur I use or what settings I change. If someone could help I'd be really happy.
  4. Okay I got them working again, used UXThemePatcher and no problems. Its should work fine from now on. I don't know why Uxstyle just messed up but it does say experimental.
  5. I had a strange problem today with custom themes, maybe its just me but I installed uxstyle and used some themes which they worked great until today when all the sudden they stopped working. I rebooted windows 8 and it wouldn't load, the screen just kept flashing. I used SHIFT+F8 on boot to get into advanced startup and repair. I restored windows 8 to an earlier date to fix the problem. Now I'm extremely leery of using any custom themes. I tried uxtheme patcher before but it didn't work so I tried uxstyle, I don't know of any other theme patchers but I don't want something that might cause problems like this. My themes were working good until today when I switched back and fourth between an RP style theme and a theme that is windows 8 default style with white tittle text instead of black. They were working good for about three days until this happened. I thought I'd have to re-install windows since the screen kept flashing and I couldn't get to the log in screen. But I found the hot-key to repair windows, Now I fear it might happen again if I try any other themes.
  6. I used it in windows 7, when I remembered it was there. Most of the time I didn't use it. Now I'm on Windows 8 I forgot it isn't there. I had a strange problem today with custom themes, maybe its just me but I installed uxstyle and used some themes, they worked great until today when all the sudden they stopped working. I rebooted and windows 8 wouldn't load the screen just kept flashing. I used SHIFT+F8 to get into advanced startup and restored windows 8 to an earlier date to fix the problem. I won't have that, Windows 8 makes all my stuff work so I won't stand for things breaking it. That strange problem I had with my system freezing and unfreezing went away that I mentioned in my previous posts above, I thought it was related to aero glass tool. But if someone could provide me a guide to post the debug info then maybe I can get help and see if everything is working correctly.
  7. I want to but I don't know how too, I never really posted one before. If you could be so kind as to tell me how then I'll post it
  8. Big Muscle I thought it would be good to let you know. I'm having a problem, when I put my laptop into sleep mode then wake it up, the mouse and system freezes every few seconds then unfreezes then freezes, over and over again every 3 seconds. I have to restart the computer to fix the problem. It only does this when aero glass is enabled and I put the computer into sleep mode then wake it up out of sleep. I turned off the program, aero glass, and tested sleep, woke it back up, and I'm not having any freeze unfreeze situations so I know having aero glass enabled when sleeping the pc then waking it up triggers this. I don't know what you could do to fix this bug but I thought I'd inform you. Its great you have so much dedication to this project though, I really enjoy using it and I am not having any other issues with it on my part. Specs. Lenovo Ideapad z565, ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics. Windows 8 Pro
  9. processor is AMD Phenom II N640 2.9ghz dual-core, GPU is ATI Radeon HD 4200 series 256mb dedicated and 1750mb shared. My computer is a laptop, Lenovo Ideapad Z565. It used to have AMD Turion II p650 I think, 2.5ghz dual-core but Turion is old archtecture. So I upgraded the CPU myself Today. It plays most PS2 games via emulator. And can handle the Assassins Creed 1 and 2 with Directx 10. It can run many other games too like resident evil 4 and 5. Plus all the GTA series, I havent tested GTA 5 yet. But all and all its pretty sweet for gaming, at least the gaming that I do anyway. Ok I don't know where to upload a photo of my scores so I'll just read them off. CPU -- 6.4 RAM -- 5.9 (4GB) Graphics --- 4.2 (Aero) Gaming Graphics --- 5.4 Hard Disk ------ 5.8 I'll post my scores with a picture if someone helps me upload it. Peace