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  1. Or run the older OS in a VM. Anyway I wouldn't upgrade to Windows 10 even if they paid me the $120 it is said that it will cost to upgrade to it after the 29th of July, but one day I may have to buy a new PC with Windows 10 installed on it... (probably because my current one will be broken). I'll do what I can with the new OS once again (Windows 8 by the way are not so horrible, you just have to replace the missing Start Menu, even the Start Screen isn't that bad - not as good as the Start Menu of course either - and you can skip it when logging in if you want).
  2. No, I put things in the cart and when I open it it is empty! Maybe it detects that the updates aren't meant for my OS? I lowered the security settings of IE 10 to the lowest level but it made no difference.
  3. There is of course the free VMware Player and the also free Virtual Box too.
  4. I found the Windows Server 2012 updates on the Microsoft Update Catalog page, I picked Cumulative Security Update for IE 10 (KB3170106) and Security Update for Adobe Flash Player (KB3174060), it was impossible to add them to the cart so I had to find them from other places in order to download them. I didn't mess with the rest of the updates, they are so many and it would be very helpful if there was a registry hack like the one for Windows XP and Windows POSready 2009 updates so that we could do the job with Windows Update. The Security Update for Adobe Flash Player must be the same with the one for Windows Embedded, it causes the same problem anyway: IE 10 hangs on several web pages and I had to disable the Shockwave Flash Object add-on (Flash.ocx) in order to make it work properly. Of course Flash Player is disabled in this way, I can of course enable it when needed, anyway let's hope that the August's update will fix this.
  5. Thanks for the information. The strange thing is that this update came to me from Windows Update, I didn't even know that there is such thing like Windows 8 Embeded. Well, I just hid it and I'll see what I'll do with the updates issue.
  6. How do you know which ones are for Windows 8? You just install them or you have to use any tricks?
  7. Strange, I don't know if we really talk about the same program but Macrium Reflect's imaging and restoring feature have worked for me flawlessly until now. Commands? Why don't you use the GUI?
  8. "Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows Embedded 8 Standard for x64 systems (KB3174060)" It came along with Windows Malware Removal Tool this patch Tuesday on my Windows 8. I had to uninstall it because it made IE10 almost unusable but... Windows Embedded 8 Standard? From when are they around and can somebody port their updates to Windows 8 as the Windows POSready 2009 ones to Windows XP (although the mentioned update makes me hesitating to do it anyway)?
  9. I suppose you mean Macrium Reflect Free (in which I trust).
  10. On Windows 8 you can easily disable this from C:>Properties>Tools>Disk optimization (Translated from greek, it may say "utilities" instead of "tools"). I suppose it is the same on Windows 7?
  11. Bad news guys, forget the whole thing. Windows XP Mode can't be activated on Windows OS that it is not meant to be installed on (I mean its VHD on a VM), the only way to use it is with VMlite XP Mode (in fact VMlite Workstation) which was a freeware once but now you must pay $199 in order to get it (they don't state it in their webpage but every internal or external link to the installation file just redirects to its homepage and in the "Buy" page you see the mentioned price for one license of the software).
  12. You can also cleanup WinSXS with Disk Cleaner, it is much easier I think. I have Windows 8 on my laptop and I made it look like Windows XP as much as possible with the Windows settings (Folder Options etc.). The only Apps I use is the Mail and the Reader for .pdf files. I replaced the missing Start Menu with Start Menu X by Ordinary Soft and I use Macrium Reflect to backup the Windows partition. Windows 8 are stable and my laptop works almost flawlessly (no BSODs, an application error from time to time). The good thing is that Windows 8 aren't contaminated with the "Feedback and Diagnostics" telemetry stuff (only some compatibility telemetry for upgrading to newer versions of Windows - I won't anyway). In overall I am fairly satisfied, yet I still have Windows XP SP3 on my old Pentium III desktop and I still believe that the Windows XP user eXPerience is incomparable.
  13. Continue reading on http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/forget-end-life-woes-windows-8-xp-mode/. Since this method relies on VirtualBox (probably VMware Player will also do the job) it must be useable on any Windows OS that these programs support.
  14. I think that it means your SATA HDD and not the CD drive... At some point it must access the hard drive and it probably can't.
  15. I don't think that Microsoft wants world domination, they just want more money in my opinion. The question is if they are "sharing" with (or selling to) their "telemetry" data with someone else and if yes who they are.