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  1. If they depend on registry entries to work you can find and backup them and reimport them to registry in such an occasion. Also check if there are related folders in the Program Data folder (note however that they won't appear in the installed programs and you will have to uninstall them manually if you want to).
  2. I had the impression that IE 11 is supported on Windows 8 too. Supported on Windows 7 and not on Windows 8? Not anymore perhaps but I have stored the last version of IE 11 supported on Windows 8 (even if I don't use it at the moment) from Microsoft's site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17621/internet-explorer-downloads Now it says that IE 11 is not supported on Windows 8 but this is the page from where I downloaded IE 11 some time ago. Now that I check it the file that I downloaded has the same name with the one for Windows 7 and it is version, so if you find version for Windows 7 it must work on Windows 8 too. (You may say that the version reported in the file details has one more zero; I suppose and 11.0.7 is the same).
  3. I use IE 10 on Windows 8 and I have never seen this tab.
  4. The GWX related telemetry is rather innocent (compatibility stuff) but updated Windows 7 and 8.1 have the same telemetry with Windows 10 (not at all innocent of course). Only Windows 8 are unaffected (in the base of their official updates that Windows Update offers) due to the premature ceasing of support for them. Support was a good thing BGR (before Gates retired), AGR (after Gates retired) isn't trustworthy anymore (and so isn't Microsoft in general).
  5. I'm not enthusiastic about Windows 10 but everything in this life can be changed or tolerated. Windows 10 are still Windows and you can do your job with them. The real problem is "telemetry", we must not forget it in favor of minor issues. That's my point of view at least and the reason I'll avoid to use Windows 10 as much as possible.
  6. Do you know the paragraph sign in Word's toolbar? If you click on it, it will show all the invisible stuff (paragraph changing marks, line changing marks etc.). Check if there is something different in the area with the O's. As for the second page, it must exist in Word filled only with spaces. Find it, put the cursor as down and right as it goes, and press the Del button until the whole page extincts.
  7. If it doesn't just cut and paste the image back to root.
  8. 1. Make the image in root and then cut and paste it to the wanted folder (just the file's address will change, it will be instant no matter how big is the image). 2. I don't know how to exclude "RECOVERY" but including it in the image in case it gets corrupted isn't a bad idea (of course you may want to make one separate backup of it).
  9. Or just don't play this game (diablo=devil you know!).
  10. 170 dollars for four licenses may look a lot to some people but it is, I think, the best backup program at the moment (and now Macrium Reflect 7 will probably be even better). Personally I use the free edition (very satisfied with it) and of course I have no relation to the program's producers in case someone thinks so.
  11. On Windows 8 you can unmount the FileHistory disk and mount it again whenever you want and backup your files manually. It just backups the changed files since the previous backup and you have the option to delete the backups that are older than e.g. one month or delete all the older backups and keep only the latest ones. Can't you do the same on Windows 10?
  12. A 64 bit OS doesn't use any 32 bit driver, just delete the file (it was probably just copied there and nothing more).
  13. If you want to be 100% sure about this safety issue it is advised to unmount the external disk between the backups (however a good antivirus program should be enough protection).
  14. This must be a system and not per user setting, in this case you can change it only with an administrator account and the changes affect all users.
  15. Oh, they are hidden... Fancy that.