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  1. What do you mean by "client area"?
  2. I totally agree but I still prefer Windows 8.
  3. September 2017 update rollup

    With only it's own updates Windows 8 is as stable as always. With the Windows Server 2012 updates I don't know (JodyT can talk about that).
  4. Oh, I see.. Anyway, 1.46 GB aren't so much for today's disks (personally at least I can live with it.)
  5. What are these other "components"?
  6. Lost Microsoft Edge

    In my experience if a program is not working well with no apparent reason, and especially if it can't be fixed, then it is time to start from the beginning (restoring from the recovery partition or a disk backup image). There must probably be more and deeper problems in your system that will emerge with the time (at least that is what happens to me).
  7. The only thing I know is that the Windows Update cleaning of the Windows 8 Disk Cleanup utility removes all the superseded Windows Updates. I don't know if this is what you want or it is something else. There is also this: I don't know if the /resetbase switch does really something more.
  8. Disk Cleanup + SSD = unbootable

    I use Macrium Reflect Free for creating backup images too and it never let me down also. It has the verification option so that you can be sure that you have a precise disc image.
  9. Is ReFS ready for prime-time?

    I agree with you. If you have seen some episodes of "Mayday" you know that "failsafe" isn't really failsafe. I think in this world nothing can be really failsafe.
  10. Quality of OSes

    I will tell it in a simple way: the meaning of your writing isn't clear. You must work on improving your English. Sorry.
  11. Disk Cleanup + SSD = unbootable

    Normally it can't. Something must have gone bad with the file system, if I were you I would just format the SSD and reinstall Windows. Sorry if it looks harsh but I'm afraid that trying to do anything else will just be lost time.
  12. Backup program misbehaving

    If the backup is completed despite this error message you can just ignore it.
  13. Don't worry, God protects us even if we don't know/understand it.
  14. Sad to see a liberal forum as this, where somebody can say how bad is Microsoft's "telemetry" for example, being closed.
  15. win10 ntoskrnl dependencies

    Strange, they are present in Windows 8 that I am running, and since ntoskrnl.exe depends on them they must still be present in Windows 10 too.