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  1. Backup program misbehaving

    If the backup is completed despite this error message you can just ignore it.
  2. Don't worry, God protects us even if we don't know/understand it.
  3. Sad to see a liberal forum as this, where somebody can say how bad is Microsoft's "telemetry" for example, being closed.
  4. win10 ntoskrnl dependencies

    Strange, they are present in Windows 8 that I am running, and since ntoskrnl.exe depends on them they must still be present in Windows 10 too.
  5. Internet Explorer 10 on Vista

    Yes, Internet Explorer 11.0.11 (if you can find it). Personally I have version 11.0.7, see below:
  6. win10 ntoskrnl dependencies

    Have you turned the showing hidden files option on?
  7. What exactly do you mean by aligning the partitions? You aligned them by cylinder, by MB or is it something else? And... why did you do it in the first place? It's better not to do such dangerous things without a serious reason.
  8. Exist Windows 98 SE English language pack?

    I think that at the time that Windows 98 were released there wasn't even the idea of a language pack...
  9. Windows 8.1 nag messages on 8 RTM?

    Alternatively you can disable the five scheduled tasks that are included in the Task Scheduler>Windows>Setup folder, it will totally do the job.
  10. For monitoring traffic: NetBalancer (free for monitoring traffic, just a prompt to activate when you open it after the trial period expires). You can see which application communicates with whom, when and how much it uploads/downloads (with Windows 10 we reached the spot where the uploading is more suspicious than the downloading...).
  11. Just don't trust any Microsoft's product from 2015 and afterwards.
  12. I had a look into XP Mode myself some time ago and I have the impression that it is installable right away on the appropriate versions of Windows 7 - no need for Virtual PC.
  13. There must be a mistake here. Also how much memory does the Windows XP detect totally?
  14. Verify if EternalBlue patch has been installed.

    A simpler method (ESET independent) is to find the Microsoft patch for this vulnerability (KB4012598) and install it. If you have done it you are protected, if you haven't you are not.
  15. Why is my XP user profile 3.5 GB in size?

    Well, the question is why it says only 3.5 GB instead of 7.5 (maybe it can't say more for some reason - a kind of 4 GB limit?).