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  1. GDI+ is a Microsoft graphics api.
  2. Yes but there is always a way to access and use it in order to restore your computer to the factory settings (varying from vendor to vendor).
  3. It may sound silly, but maybe Windows 7 consumes more power and the battery is inadequate for it? Did this thing always happened with this laptop since it had Windows 7 installed or it started happening recently? Also is the battery installed properly in Windows 7?
  4. I think that I am reffering to what you call "partition for the recovery image".
  5. Don't these computers have a restore partition (with the original OS of course)? In the case of Windows 10 someone said that they stop access to the restore partition but it is still there (so you must be able to find and use it somehow). If the PC is from 2012 then it had probably Windows 8 originally installed.
  6. I have read so but don't remember where, you can find something in Google (e.g. search for "SSDs trim necessary").
  7. SP1 to be exact.
  8. As far as I know modern SSDs manage this issue by themselves and don't need any external "trimming".
  9. Maybe you must add the printer's Wi-Fi to the trusted networks of Avast (I speculate it must have something like that)?
  10. There is a patch for the WannaCry issue for Windows 8 (even for Windows XP!) even if it isn't offered by Windows Update (not to me at least): KB4012598 (This is for 64 bit Windows, for 32 bit Windows just change the id number in the URL from 55249 to 55246).
  11. Even if it exists Microsoft can always add more...
  12. NVDIA telemetry is probably innocent (performance data) but Windows 10 telemetry surely isn't.
  13. Use Windows 8 fully updated (until the last January 2016 updates) or Windows 8.1 Update 1 with no other updates (except if you have the courage to check if they are related to telemetry and download one by one the past standalone updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog, you can do the same for Windows 8 and the updates for Windows Server 2012 - I don't know if there are any telemetry updates included in this case).
  14. Yes, the updated ones (Windows 8 isn't so updated ). Without the "telemetry" stuff they do communicate with Microsoft's servers but in a rather innocent way (no spying/data files tracking).
  15. O&O Shutup 10 is surely a good program and does a good job but never trust Windows 10 (would you trust a criminal just because he is in prison)?