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  1. This will probably not happen when you use the correct version from Aero Glass website.
  2. I know about this and I would like to fix it, but I has not been able to reproduce it on any computer. Also the question is how many users are affected and whether it is really the bug. Yes, I could compile it, but I don't know when I manage it. Maybe in a week or two.
  3. Probably not, mainly because you should not use AppInit_DLLs to load anything, because it can cause a lot of side effects when the library is injected where it should not be.
  4. NoelC: it is not possible, but I may send you new DLL to test if you accept it has debug console.
  5. I don't say that I don't want this fix/add it. It is just not so easy to be done so it is not the main priority. And I know it may sounds wrong for someone, but if someone thinks that switching one UWP app to fullscreen is the primary functionality of Windows than Aero Glass is nothing he should use.
  6. I do not see any critical bug in your post. You can always switch UWP app to the fullscreen mode with Ctrl+Maximize which has been said here several times. However, if you rely on some UWP app where its functionality is limited with using glass frame, you can always switch to the classic frame with "regsvr32 /u DWMGlass.dll", as has been said here several times.
  7. It would make no sense. There is no Aero Glass for build 15063, so there is nothing to discuss. People just should realize if they fill the topic with the off-topic stuff, I will not be able to respond to the valid posts.
  8. I would like to highlight that this topic is about Aero Glass for Windows 10 build 10.0.14393. Any discussion out of this topic might be deleted to keep the thread clean to read.
  9. According to your images, Aero Glass works correctly but you have set either too high blur radius or opacity.
  10. Send the picture with default theme + debug.log
  11. You cannot have transparency, because your theme overlaps it.
  12. It is nothing important. It just has been added due to slow preparation for upcoming Windows build which behaves a bit differently.
  13. I understand what you mean now. Previously, it set DTT_GLOWSIZE for size > 0 only, but it has accidentaly been set always.
  14. I'm not aware of any change, so maybe it happened accidentaly. When setting TextGlowMode to 0x00000000, it simply means "Do not apply any glow effect on the text". When low-word is set to 3, the high-word is just passed to iGlowSize variable in DrawThemeTextEx function. Unfortunately, this is unfixable. When TextGlowMode is set to 3, glow effect is completely controlled by DrawThemeTextEx function.