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  1. Can't Generate Key

    If you are not the advanced user then you should not use any experimental software.
  2. Title bar rescaling

    Aero Glass does not render titlebar buttons so it cannot influence it in any way. The glyphs are stored in the used theme for several DPIs. If they are rendered incorrectly then you are using either uncommon scaling or invalid theme.
  3. Login on the website and then you can download the UNSTABLE DEBUG version.
  4. Don't afraid. It was just an ironic note, because of users asking the same things over and over again and they still expect some answer although it has been covered milliontimes.
  5. Nope, Aero Glass does not interfere with the fluent design. Only applying DWM frame on UWP apps does (regardless the Aero Glass) - which can be disabled anytime.
  6. Nope, it is still disabled, because I don't know how to deal it since applying DWM frame on UWP apps will break fluent design.
  7. you can change BlurDeviation settings
  8. ApplicationFrame hook is intentionally disabled in RS3 builds.
  9. He is probably funny. But I see much more funnier when someone installs buggy beta version of the operating system and then he complains that he is not able to run the software which was never meant to be run there.
  10. No mail after donation

    The password is not in the e-mail if you already got it in some previous donation. Passwords are not stored as plain text and thus cannot be recovered and resend. Verify, that you put your e-mail address and postal/zip code correctly - it must 100% match the information in your PayPal account at the time of the transaction. If it still does not work, send me your e-mail via PM.
  11. Thank you for the minidump file. I found the bug and will reupload the fixed version immediately when it is fixed.
  12. It did not disable Aero itself, but it completely disabled DWM composition using API function https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa969510(v=vs.85).aspx Since Win8, this function is deprecated and if you call it, nothing happens, because you cannot disable DWM composition at all.
  13. Nope, application cannot crash due to Aero Glass. If some application draws its own frame (and thus bypassing DWM rendering), then it does not call DWM rendering functions and therefore Aero Glass rendering is not executed at all.