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  1. If you cannot login, send me your e-mail via PM. Sometimes, the e-mail does not come, because user's mail server rejects it but the login is still possible.
  2. Just briefly... my current implementation works correctly in the latest builds. However, there are still some glitches that need to be fixed.
  3. Still having the problem? I see other donations are processed correctly.
  4. I would not say "blocked". Actually, the real problem is that TH2 added new elements into theme - mostly titlebar buttons separately for dark/light colors. And if your theme does not contain these new elements, it will not load at all - it means that you need specific TH2 theme and any pre-TH2 theme will not work.
  5. Does it generate minidump file in Aero Glass folder? If yes, please upload it and I'll check who the originator of the crash is.
  6. I think it is question to Opera developers ;-)
  7. And are you sure that you even read this topic?
  8. Please be patient, it takes sometimes longer timer to process. P.S. Before donation, you had to agree the conditions where it is written "PayPal mail box is not monitored thus you will NOT get any answer if you mail to it." ;-)
  9. Sorry for not responding. I found a bug in dirty rectangles which can cause unpredictable behaviour on Win10 (and crash on WinRS1) and I'm working on it, but it seems to be a bit complicated.
  10. You cannot use Aero Glass with WindowBlinds. Aero Glass is extension for DWM rendering, but WB disables DWM D3D rendering on windows and replaces it with its own GDI routines.
  11. That's right and that is the intention of the layout file. However, you can never predict what Microsoft changes because the DWM part of theme styles is undocumented. So, for example, the frame top border can be ID 47 in Win8 but in Win11, the ID 47 can interpreted a Close button. It is just an example - the correct IDs can be checked e.g. in Windows Style Builder. In other words, layout files still work but each ID must point to correct part of atlas file. EDIT: here is the atlas extracted from build 14257. As you can see, a lot of part IDs have been offset by one:
  12. I think that .layout files work correctly (in general) but you need to have correct layout file and I admit that I didn't extract it yet.
  13. Ah, sorry, my mistake. I could not know that you use OS version that was never said to be supported.
  14. I advise to read the message in the dialog box.
  15. The question is why you should care about the minimum amount. Image the real-life situation - your friend does something good for you. You decide to buy him a beer as a form of "thank you". Will you go to the pub and ask what is the price of the cheapest beer?