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  1. Build #652, 64 bit Designed for Windows 10 build 14393 Fixed optimization of overlapped dirty regions Fixed data sharing between more drawings in one pass Includes new experimental ModernFrame.dll
  2. The real reason is that he does not use Aero Glass compatible with Win10 build 14393.
  3. RoundRectRadius does not work correctly since Windows 10, because the frame is not composed from one rectangle (which can be made rectangular) but from several rectangles. If you see set the radius too high, one rectangle won't visually continue to the second one.
  4. I can confirm this bug even in build 10586 when modern app is in the background. This seems apply not only for Start menu but for any larger glass area. Could you test what happens with registry settings GlassSafetyZoneMode (DWORD in DWM key) set to 1 ?
  5. yes, I will update it when I'm 100% sure with the state.
  6. drakulyboy: yes, it will be there but I cannot say when, because 32-builds are pain in the a**. They contain a lot of complications which are more difficult to deal with.
  7. Build #639, 64 bit Designed for Windows 10 build 14393 Fixed DLL injection when system boots up too fast Fixed optimization of dirty regions Changed the way how it deals with colorization settings: * AccentColor (DWORD 0xFFBBGGRR) - color of active window frame * AccentColorInactive (DWORD 0xFFBBGGRR) - color of inactive window frame * GlassOpacity (DWORD, default: 68) - amount of glass opacity (0-100) or amount of blur blend with the background (10-100, see following settings) * EnableBlurBlend (DWORD 0 or 1) - 0 (default) means that blurred background is just overlaid with the AccentColor using the specified opacity; 1 means that the AccentColor is blended together with the background color using the specified opacity (the main difference is just the formula for putting blur and AccentColor together) Old ColorizationXXX settings values are ignored, because Win10 build 14393 always reset them to default under certain circumstances. I also think that those old ColorizationBalances and Afterglows are not needed anymore. There still can appear some random glitches. I currently do not know the cause but I would like to know if they appear often or they are very rare. If you have some other decision how to deal the colorization settings, you can put it here.
  8. I know what you mean but you could select the better form of saying. You could put it as some decision or feature request and not just saying that I am obligated to do it. Because I am not. Aero Glass v1.4.5 is explicitely said to be designed only for builds up to 10586 and the incompatibility with future Windows version is even explicitely written on the website. If user install some low-level advanced software and then he installs incompatible OS, it is only his responsibility when it stops working and not mine. On the other side, since AG build 631, when DWM crashes several times in very short time, it will stop DLL injection completely.
  9. Then please, do not use it, or just accept that this topic is about experimental builds and NOT about forcing me that I have some obligations.
  10. MrGRiM: I removed your post, because I don't see any sense in it except of creating another neverending flamewar "I donated, I have rights, you have obligations". My simple answer is - no, I have no obligations, I will always develop my software as I want. This topic is about experimental builds testing and any other off-topic posts will be removed.
  11. I just remembered that you probably still use that experimental "blur-blending" feature which uses ColorizationBlurBalance registry value to blend blur effect with the background. WinRS1 seems to revert ColorizationBlurBalance settings to 1 on every startup, so the blur effect will be almost invisible then. I do recommend to disable this experimental feature.
  12. InvicTech:
  13. Glitches bug found and fixed. btw, this topic is about build for Win10 14393, posts about other windows builds will be deleted.
  14. I finally found a cause for this problem. It will be fixed in next build. Unfortunately, this bug is not AeroGlass related. It appears without it. I found that it replaces ColorizationColor with AccentColor randomly. The only possible workaround (from my side) would be to create separate registry settings for transparency. Nope, it is not task for my Aero Glass. I'm aware of random glitches but they are very rare so it is hard to find the problem. It would be nice to track the exact steps to reproduce the problem.
  15. MrGRiM: AeroGlass reads the colorization values from registry. The amount of transparency is got from I checked the old Colorization Control Panel and regardless what I set at Intensity slider, it always stores 0xFFbbggrr to registry. In pre-RS1 builds, it stored 0xAA according to the intensity. That's why it always uses the same value for transparency. So you cannot use that old control panel anymore but you must edit the registry values manually. NeolC: no problem here with auto-startup, no delay set, load "At system startup" enabled... as to colors, do yo have "Autocolorize according to background" enabled? I noticed that this settings resets stores zero transparency to registry and thus the frame will be completely transparent on startup. (and opening UAC dialogbox changes the transparency to higher value... funny)