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  1. I would not advise this. If someone is not able to read what OS version is Aero Glass intended for, then he should not use experimental debug builds, because it will be harmful for him. (And the next question here would be why it displays debug windows).
  2. I removed your topic, because you are not allowed to publish here builds which are intended for donators only.
  3. Experimental build #675 for 32-bit Win10 10.0.14393 has been uploaded.
  4. It's simple - as I said in another forum - users still need to complain about something, so if I don't release installer they will complain, if I release installer without 32-bit version they will complain. So why don't just give some other benefit to donators and provide them non-installer final release build before everything is completed? You are right here and I already mentioned some time ago. 32-bits builds/hooks are real pain in the a** and I have long-time idea to drop the 32-bit version completely.
  5. Thanks for your reports. It worked on my home computer, but it really does not work here on my work computer. I will look at it later this afternoon.
  6. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ v1.4.6 * hardcoded symbol patterns for build 10586.589 * dirty region optimization fixes * when DWM process crashes too often, Aero Glass will stop injecting * fixed data sharing between more drawings in one pass This version is designed for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 TH up to build 10586 only! Use this topic to discuss v1.4.6 only! Discussion about RS build will be deleted to avoid off-topic and increase readability!
  7. And do you have secure boot disabled?
  8. Probably not. I will rather port some fixes back to 1.4.5 and release separate version. It would add some other time to have one version working on both systems.
  9. Pre-release version is not for testing. It is just a regular release which has been published earlier so donators do not need to wait before I finish other stuff - 32-bit version, installer etc. I hope that many different forums will also leak their own Aero Glass if I decide to stop the development completely
  10. I checked the error log and found this error: "Recipient address rejected: Domain not found", so surely when your e-mail is not accessible, it cannot send you a new password there.
  11. AeroGlass is just a rendering engine for DWM. Office apps override DWM and draw its own frame by itself. So it is not possible.
  12. Build #669 - Pre-release, 64 bit Designed for Windows 10 build 14393 Same as #668 but compiled as release build Requires sign in to your profile This build is candidate for the final release. Public installer will be made when 32-bit version is finished.
  13. Build #668, 64 bit Designed for Windows 10 build 14393 Fixed occlusion management for overlapped dirty regions
  14. Problem fixed.
  15. Thank you for your information, I forgot to make the redirection.