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  1. Thanks. It should be fixed now.
  2. This was already discussed here some time ago. Window caption height can be changed even with AeroGlass .layout file. The problem is that only height setting is respected by DWM and this value will be applied to width too.
  3. Do I understand correctly that in RTL languages, the buttons should be drawn in the order "close,maximize,minimize" ?
  4. this has nothing to do with aero glass
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't know answer... you either have corrupted your settings (e.g. too high blur radius etc.), or using theme which has opaque frame textures.
  6. UCyborg: thank you for discovering the cause of the problem. I didn't test the situation without glow effect.
  7. And do you use some special settings? Accent color 0xffffa31a is light blue that fits to dark buttons correctly.
  8. The color of buttons glyphs is computed from the caption color. Could you post which color do you use? (HKCU/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/DWM - AccentColor value)
  9. Thanks for confirmation. I will upload fixed installer soon.
  10. I finally found the reason when this happens. It is caused by wrong user privileges on DWMGlass.dll file. So if you come across this problem, then add read access for "Users" group on this file.
  11. It may be the reason. The same situation (infinite login loop) happens when aerohost is not running at all.
  12. You can unregister the library "regsvr32 /u DWMGlass.dll".
  13. The problem seems to be obvious. It fails to inject UxTSB.dll for some reason and thus the custom theme crashes. The question is why it fails. Auto-login is enabled via "control userpasswords2" or you just have account without password?
  14. Could you try re-registering the library? Open CMD (with admin rights) and go to Aero Glass folder. Run command "regsvr32 DWMGlass.dll".
  15. In Windows' power settings.