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  1. Now, you can get a new experimental build (32-bit and 64-bit) on the website.
  2. NoelC: maybe a bit complicated but we will manage it... you need to have new DWMGlass.dll registered and just ensure that it is injected into explorer.exe, it will probably happen automatically e.g. when you open Start menu or something - you can notice that console with the title Windows.Explorer...opens. In such scenario, it should generate minidump when explorer.exe crashes. Upload it and I can check what causes the crash.
  3. And another build to play with... Aero Glass has been merged with ModernFrame and it is just one DLL now, so remove old ModernFrame...dll and use new DWMGlass.dll only. Use with version Aero Glass 1.5.1 only and register (with admin rights) as Install: regsvr32 DWMGlass.dll Uninstall: regsvr32 /u DWMGlass.dll Download link is on the website. It is 64-bit debug build!
  4. I think that the secure boot can be enabled now.
  5. I don't use Groove app, so I didn't even know that there is some blur effect. But about the performance, I can say that the blurred accent (= the default blur effect available in Win10 without my AG) is very poorly optimized, e.g. if you enable it on the taskbar, it becomes very laggy when you move windows behind it.
  6. Actually, titlebar caption glowing/colorization is not the task for the UxTSB. It has been implemented only as a temporary hack by applying it to any drawn text and it will be removed soon. Also, since the current version of UxTSB injects into Explorer.exe/Winlogon.exe only (because the task of this library is to allow application of custom themes), it simply cannot work on any other application.
  7. ModernFrame is not on the download page, because it is not the official part of Aero Glass.
  8. Actually, I think it will be better to remove Win8 section completely, because this version (neither Win8 nor AeroGlass) is not maintained and supported anymore. For the other versions, the install procedure is always the same.
  9. Thanks for the bug report. Could you verify that it is fixed now? It will probably need restart after install/uninstall. Link:
  10. So here we have another experiment. Remove any DLL from AppInit_DLLs, disable LoadAppInit_DLLs, download the following archive, open the command line with admin rights and run this command: Install: regsvr32 ModernFrame-x64-Debug.dll Uninstall: regsvr32 /u ModernFrame-x64-Debug.dll Then kill ApplicationFrameHost.exe, restart your computer or whatever :-) It is DEBUG 64-bit version!!!!
  11. Because the standard DWM glow is just an glowing image rendered behind the text. But the option 0x3 is a feature of UxTheme that renders the glow effect by computing it for each letter separately (standard feature of DrawThemeTextEx)
  12. It is related where the glow effect is rendered to. In Win7, the glow effect is rendered into the titlebar and the caption text is then put over it. But in my Aero Glass, I don't know where the caption text is exactly positioned, so the only option is to rendered glow effect directly into the caption text bitmap. So this bitmap is just enlarged to fit the glow effect, the text is centered into it, and finally DWM (i.e. not my Aero Glass) renders it at the same position as originally. And the TextGlowMode option is described in the guide.
  13. Read the guide properly.
  14. Currently yes. ModernFrame is only experimental hack so it requires non-standard steps. On the other side, SecureBoot does not really increase security in any way, it gives only false safety.
  15. You must disable SecureBoot else it won't inject.