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  1. It is nothing important. It just has been added due to slow preparation for upcoming Windows build which behaves a bit differently.
  2. I understand what you mean now. Previously, it set DTT_GLOWSIZE for size > 0 only, but it has accidentaly been set always.
  3. I'm not aware of any change, so maybe it happened accidentaly. When setting TextGlowMode to 0x00000000, it simply means "Do not apply any glow effect on the text". When low-word is set to 3, the high-word is just passed to iGlowSize variable in DrawThemeTextEx function. Unfortunately, this is unfixable. When TextGlowMode is set to 3, glow effect is completely controlled by DrawThemeTextEx function.
  4. You are right. We can always simply display a message "This software is not supported on your OS version." and stop working completely ;-)
  5. you can unregister the library using cmd with admin privileges: regsvr32 /u DWMGlass.dll
  6. According to your image, Aero Glass effect works correctly as it should.
  7. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3 * hardcoded symbols patterns up to build 14393.953 * fixed caption misalignment when glow effect is disabled * added option to draw caption centered (HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM: CenterCaption (DWORD 0x0 / 0x1)) - if glow effect is enabled and caption is set to be centered, the glow effect will be drawn over whole frame width - do NOT report it as the bug! * changed IAT hooks initialization order * enable SeDebugPrivilege in aerohost process
  8. The question is why the error appears twice for two different processes. Does your aerohost start twice?
  9. Unfortunately not, because I was not able to reproduce it.
  10. Thanks. It should be fixed now.
  11. This was already discussed here some time ago. Window caption height can be changed even with AeroGlass .layout file. The problem is that only height setting is respected by DWM and this value will be applied to width too.
  12. Do I understand correctly that in RTL languages, the buttons should be drawn in the order "close,maximize,minimize" ?
  13. this has nothing to do with aero glass
  14. I'm sorry, but I don't know answer... you either have corrupted your settings (e.g. too high blur radius etc.), or using theme which has opaque frame textures.
  15. UCyborg: thank you for discovering the cause of the problem. I didn't test the situation without glow effect.