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  1. Maybe give FreeDOS a try. I remember installing it some years ago, and found it to be more worth while than MS-DOS. I like DOS, I think it's great, but having to live within the limited confine of its memory and hard drive limits, would be too much trouble for me. I think FreeDOS fixes *some* of those issues. And all the DOS programs I tried seemed to work. The only downfall is that Windows 3.1 won't work on it. People are still updating freedos too, so as soon as they can get Windows 3.1 to work, I'd definitely start building my ultimate Windows 3.1 machine :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeDOS http://www.freedos.org/download/
  2. I don't know... have you tried a different File Manager program? This website has lots of File Managers to choose from, I happen to use several of them on my computer. http://reimagery.com/fsfd/fileman1.htm
  3. *bump* I updated the list and fixed some things... Added: RetroZilla browser Open Office (word processor and suite of tools) Resource Hacker 4.0 Zip Repair 1.0 KbMedia Player 2.63a (Japanese version, final) Updated: Newzip (fixed link) 7-zip 9.22 beta (final version) 7-zip 9.20 (fixed download link) FastStone Image Viewer 5.3 (final) ClamWin Rose Virus Scanner for DOS Audacity 2.0 (final) XMPlay Trout Audio Player 1.0.6 build 71 (final) Micro Guitar Tab 1.5 This topic is still alive, so please post any further updates here, and I'll add them to this list.
  4. I made the "Updated Mini List" you are referring to. I will try to find time to work on it. Possibly tonight, or sometime next week.
  5. I'm changing directions too, away from anything related to computers.
  6. Good job, and thanks for releasing Retrozilla 2. I am really looking forward to VERSION 3 now. Best wishes.
  7. ^ neat little program :-)
  8. If everything is controlled by a central cloud, it means that, it's just a quicker way for them to knock everything out, then they can swoop in and declare martial law. That was easy. See, it's all part of their master plan. So, in conclusion, the cloud is just a way for them to hurry up and get closer to declaring martial law :-)
  9. I'm sure civilization will crumble before we have to worry about future Windows versions like 11, 12, etc.... so let's just enjoy our favorite Windows system, whatever they may be, while we can. Because, without sounding too pessimistic, in the future we'll probably have to worry about more important things like, oh, food, shelter, guns, ammo, clean water, how to find/grow food... stuff like that. Defending ourselves from the violent mobs of people searching for food and who might be just killing people in general because they don't (a) don't share similar philosophical beliefs (b) don't look the same. I'm personally investing more of my time and energy and cash into "survival gear". I'm amassing knives, hand-crank flashlights, magnesium fire starters, emergency parts and supplies for my car, water filtration, maybe some rain barrels, weapons, etc. I mean, just look around, the fabric of society is crumbling before our very eyes. Furthermore, if some central "cloud" of computer banks happens to "give up the ghost" then how will people's computers get back on-line if everything is run from a centralized could. Sounds like De-centralization would be a better scenario to survive any attacks on infrastructure, or global financial meltdown, or whatever doomsday scenario plays itself out. Just saying....
  10. Just out of curiosity, what did they put in Firefox 14 that made you never want to upgrade?
  11. If you click on Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy & Security.... then there is a box there for checking "remember passwords." I always un-check that box. I'm on a shared computer, and that's what I've always done to ensure nobodys passwords magically appear at every log in screen.
  12. Okay, thanks :-) So is there an exact file containing the browsing history then? I think I've established that "Cookies.txt" contains the cookies, correct? I've already added that file to CCleaner's custom list of items to delete, and it seems to have worked. Therefore, all that remains is figuring out a way to wipe the history.
  13. Monroe, on my computer I have CCleaner setup to delete the "cookies.txt" file that is stored in the C:\Windows\Application Data\RetroZilla\default\profiles\x76df6j6 folder. This has taken care of the cookies at least. But like you, I'm wondering, which files can I delete so as to get rid of the history, passwords, and whatever else. SeaMonkey 1.1.19 never had the option to erase user data on exit, as I believe later versions of SeaMonkey implemented - starting with SeaMonkey version 2. Even Firefox 2, K-Meleon 1.5, and Netscape 9 had this feature before SeaMonkey did. I think with just CCleaner you can probably take care of everything, just need to know which files can be erased :-) Are basically all the files in Application Data\Profiles\ folder disposable? It ain't going to ruin the program if I clear out everything in there? Well, except the Cache, I want to keep that. Thanks.