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  1. I start school for networking tomorrow!

  2. I was messing around with Skydrive earlier tonight and came accost the Microsoft Office 2013 Customer preview and thought I would share Link: MS Office Somethings I noticed: Installs normal office software + Skydrive Sync program upgrades the Office Web Apps in Skydrive when you access it using a web browser
  3. I bought a Wii two years ago played it for a few hours then I put it back in the box. I need a real controller for non Wii-ish games. I still pull out my PS2 once in a while there are some games that won't play on my PS3.
  4. Good read! I have had mixed experiences with windows Vista I moved from an old 98 that was upgraded to XP to Windows Vista and thought it was the greatest thing. I mostly had trouble with drivers and copying/moving files it seemed like it took a long time to copy files. I do agree with the article writer about the missing programs AKA Windows Live Essentials I liked it better when they just came bundled with Windows.