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  1. The HFSLIP download link points to the FDV IE removal files ( and not the
  2. You ever figured out what caused it and more importantly how to fix it?
  3. After a brief overview of the latest update here are some quick impressions: The CMD file doesn't create the HFRU folder since it's checking for HF2 (IF NOT EXIST HF2 MD HFRU). The list of hotfixes you use (as stated in 02 - Folder Prep 3 - Hotfixes.txt) includes some which are already in the rollup (I know it's not a problem but some people might use the list as a guide). Windows Installer 3.1 is v2 now, kb893803v2_w2k.CAT and so on, and the CMD seem to point to kb893803_w2k.CAT so I don't think it'll install. Also a question about the MSXML 4.0 SP2 files, so far I've only used the msi file but can I strip the sdk by going for the msxmlcab.exe instead or are there any additional files I'll need from the msxml.msi?