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  1. win6x_registry_tweak

    Hi guys, Does this tool remove registry keys or packages? Because, I still see the removed packges (/c /r) inside the image.
  2. win6x_registry_tweak

    Anyone knows why this tool says it removed the packages but actually it didn't remove anything? I'm trying to remove some stuff from Windows 7 x64 in offline mode; I didn't get any error message, but the image size is identical and if I install the system the packages are still present. I also tried the latest version, no way.
  3. It didn't work even without IE10 integration. Making unattended installation with Microsoft is a nightmare. There's a problem for every pass... For example, I wanted to disable some features or packages and it didn't work. Now I know that I have to apply unattend.xml to install.wim to make it works. For updates it seems unattend switch (Sysprep) is required... What can I say? Microsoft f**k off!
  4. Theme Resource Changer x64 not working

    It didn't work because I changed this value in registry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "SeparateProcess"=dword:00000000 Don't set to 1 (leave default).
  5. As many of you know, Theme Resource Changer is a utility that allows to change Windows Explorer icons (e.g. Navigation buttons), without replacing .dll files. Now it seems that sometimes this program fails to work (I still have default icons even after patched Windows with all apps I can find: Universal Theme Patcher, UltraUXThemePatcher, UxStyle_Core_Jul13_x64). Did anyone find a solution?
  6. I had successfully installed Win7 from usbdrive using Autounattend.xml file and installed Win7 with integrated updates following standard procedure. If I try to deploy unattended installation of a Windows copy with integrated updates I get this error. It seems like Windows cannot handle integrated updates in unattended mode. Maybe some istruction in xml file's needed. Autounattend.xml