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  1. Thank you for your guide. I really appreciate your help. In the spirit of sharing, I would like to share my way, which came from your guidance. First of all, your DVD method is the GOLD. In my case, I was in quick need of restoring the image so I did not make the DVD. So, I copied the file called imagex.exe into the folders that was holding all the file .SWM. Then, I ran your command and it worked. I had a VISTA installation disk, which allowed me to boot from DVD into menu with option COMMAND PROMPT. At command prompt, I saw X:\ (which is the folder of the DVD.) To get to the folder of that was holding files .SWM, I typed d:\ then, to go into the folder that was holding my TOSHIBA's .SWM files, I typed CD ZZIMG In the folder, I found my file called imagex.exe (which I put in the folder) and all files that end with .SWM (which TOSHIBA put in the folder.) I ran your command and it worked. imagex /ref PREINST*.SWM /apply PREINST.SWM 1 C:\ Thank you very much. Again, your DVD method is the GOLD. My method is just a way that may be handy if anyone would like to follow your way right away. I am now making my DVD the way you taught. Thank you very much again. Please continue to share and help others.