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  1. I know I'm certainly interested though, do you reckon you could do it?
  2. can you please upload your modified INF file so I can see exactly what you did?
  3. how can i extract the INF file from the EXE? 7-zip usually works, but this time it didn't
  4. do i just run the EXE? or is further modification required?
  5. If you can provide the driver and modified INF I can test it for you.
  6. Awesome! Can this work on existing XP installation? Or should I patch install media and reinstall XP from scratch? Seems to be working on existing XP install. Although admittedly all I've done thus far is see if it boots. I recall you mentioned earlier that you manage to get the Intel USB 3.0 drivers to work on XP using this extension, could you show me how you did that?
  7. yeah, the 3tb drive is GPT formatted.
  8. OK I used ntoskrnl.exe from your download - boots fine - no 3tb+ drive visable I think it might be the Cluster Server Service is not started? - clicking clussvc.exe shows - CSSAPI.DLL was not found
  9. default ntoskrnl.exe and ntknl64g.exe from earlier RAM patch did not show any 3tb+ disks I had renamed the ntoskrnl.exe in your disk patch download to krnldsk.exe in case it didn't work - should i rename it to something else?
  10. I got a Cannot find PCI.SYS error trying your disk patch multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional 2tb+ Extended" /kernel=krnldsk.exe /hal=hal64g.dll /fastdetect /PAE /noexecute=alwaysoff I was using the 64gig patched HAL though, I'll try without it. EDIT: Tried normal HAL.DLL, still got the PCI.SYS error
  11. can you edit "Virtual Size" and "RawSize" to expand a section?
  12. I think Hex-rays IDA can do that, it's expensive though
  13. I don't have Gigabyte APP Center installed to use USB Blocker, should I install it? I'm sure I've tried disabling XHCI in BIOS, I'll try again to be sure I've purchased a Renesas USB 3 card off ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/PCI-E-to-USB-3-1-type-c-4-Port-PCI-Express-Expansion-Card-19-Pin-Power-5Gbps-/262723094600?hash=item3d2b844848 when it gets here I'll let you know if it helps
  14. here are the devcon results you asked for USBhubs.txt foundUSB.txt ALLUSB.txt