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  1. isn't intel graphics a kernel mode driver? intel graphics kernel mode driver igdkmd64.sys
  2. I think you also need the kernel mode driver framework - wdfldr.sys and wdf01000.sys But I admit I could be wrong about that.
  3. Thanks
  4. does anyone know if it's still possible to get the windows 98DDK anywhere?
  5. did you mean Stop 0x0000007B?
  6. I'm also looking forward to this
  7. @Dibya: Any chance I could test your mod out tonight?
  8. Thanks, did you want my email?
  9. where can i get it? maybe i can help?
  10. @Dibya any idea on when the next release of ExtendedXP will be out?
  11. XP will not boot on pure EFI systems. you are probably using a legacy BIOS boot option on your z170 board.
  12. USB 3 is most important, at least in my opinion.
  13. If your laptop is as old as I think it is you will need to put in a USB 3.0 PCMCIA card to get USB 3 speeds. and they won't be an intel chip, probably Renesas or ASmedia or something
  14. The work you are doing is really Appreciated Thanks for the effort you put into all this