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  1. I might have discovered what might be causing this it was a hidden device so i didn't spot it right away
  2. the AS2105 is a USB Drive, I have linux on it I've installed the logitech, razer and cyberpower drivers (or software) but they have not resolved this problem. They still disappear. The 2 extra HID devices might be related to the little LCD on my keyboard, but I'm not 100% sure on that
  3. USBDView results both not working and working Still have to use the remote desktop workaround to get this
  4. Yes legacy support is enabled - there is also an EHCI handoff option which is also enabled. Still the USB stops working
  5. I've managed to get XP drivers for everything in my z97x-ud5h-bk system, all except intel USB 3.0 But I've run into a bizarre issue where my HID Devices keep disappearing
  6. Still no mouse Tried the USB 3 ports, same result Would a PS/2 adapter suffice? Nothing at logon Autologon already enabled should i set USBDeview to run at startup?
  7. Second Install attempt successful Without doing anything else, I rebooted to see if the mouse keyboard problem returned, unfortunately it did :( this is with the one piece update pack and intel AHCI integrated, nothing else any ideas?
  8. Hi again, Some progress, Integrated onepiece update pack and intel AHCI driver no more 7B BSOD, but nothing is actually installed on next boot, no control panel or anything Do I need to make a modification to my XP CD for install off a USB CDROM drive?
  9. It's a 7B, that's AHCI right? damnit, I thought I'd integrated the drivers correctly
  10. OK, I integrated the update pack and AHCI drivers into my install the install worked in a VM, but on my actual hardware it got stuck in a BSOD loop on the 3rd reboot, just after the EULA and the license key phase The BSODs disappear too quickly that I can't see the error code, any way I can make it not reboot on BSOD?
  11. OK Thanks, I'll try this out is nlite OK to integrate? or should i use something else?
  12. Dibya, you mentioned earlier that you had a friend with the same motherboard as me that has XP installed, can you ask them how they did it?
  13. yeah i know, i was wondering if it might be possible to migrate usbxhci back to XP if we're using a modded kernel
  14. isn't the usbxhci.sys file a generic driver?
  15. I wonder if this works, if it would be possible to use the generic microsoft usb3 driver in xp?