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  1. I will. Thanks again. Best regards!
  2. have played with permissions settings: set all C: drive to System and Administrators full control and enabled inheritance for sub-folders and files. Some system folders refused to accept new settings, but 'magically' ReadyBoot folder started to fill after restart. Here is an excerpt from new boottrace: <timing bootDoneViaExplorer="18843" bootDoneViaPostBoot="32443" osLoaderDuration="1552" postBootRequiredIdleTime="10000" postBootDisturbance="3600" From ~90sec to 32 is awesome. ReadyBoot feature is wicked:)
  3. managed to solve everything and now I'm all set with ReadyBoot working, creating Trace#.fx files after each restart. Going to run optimization again and that's it... Thank you very much for you help, your time, I wouldn't get to the solution without you!
  4. already guessed and did while waiting for your replies, and this is truly the issue... BUT! C:\Windows\Prefetch folder permissions reset after restart Having only my user account and Administrators as permitted to access. I tried adding SYSTEM full control, I tried enabling 'inheritance' from parent Windows folder - everything successfully applied, but was back to User+Admin after restart.
  5. Never had any crash. Never. FastStartUp seems to work fine I wonder why trace won't work. also what I notice is that C:\Windows\Prefetch\ReadyBoot folder is empty, only C:\Windows\Prefetch is filled, and there's the following in xbootmgr logfile: "Failed to save prefetcher data (C:\Windows\prefetch\ReadyBoot\ReadyBoot.etl.old) in cab archive (stage 1, error 0)"
  6. yep, I was reading way not as thoroughly as I should, my fault! I ran the appropriate command and got this after boot: "Couldn't find kernel logger in active logger list. Couldn't find user-mode logger in active logger list.' and something about being unable to stop and finish the trace. but here's my 'normal' boot after restart BootTrace I haven't seen it but PerformanceLog 'event 100' says I boot in 52sec
  7. How do you shut the PC down? When Fast Startup is used you should see a text "shutting down PC ..." and next a black screen for a few seconds until the data are written to the hibernation file. When I "Shut down", the PC turns off in 10sec and boots to StartMenu/Desktop in about 20-30 secs. So I guess it works like you are saying. But if I "Restart PC" then it takes about a minute to boot, so my questions are: 1) is 60-70-80 seconds boot after Restart OK? It's kinda equal or more then Windows7 boot times... 2) why does boot trace restart my pc instead of shutting down and booting so that we could trace FastStartup? some folk in this thread posted his results of 30secs FastStartup so I'm thinking if it's me who is doing something wrong or the PC:) Thank you. I appreciate your help
  8. It IS selected, and it was all the time. Now, silly as I am, I tried to disable it, save changes, and then enabling again... and for the first time I saw what fast startup is. LOL? Now it's functioning. And after boot optimization, disabling NOD and using windows defender, I got to 50 secs boot after restart. Is that OK?
  9. oh, I have that, but I have never seen anything like hybridboot and as you already know my boot sucks...
  10. 1) first I'll try setting NOD service to 'automatic(Delayed)' and see if it helps a bit. I would disable its autorun completely but as I remember it can't be started up via scheduler then, so I really need it autostarting in some way - delayed. 2) I'll do that optimization. Shouldn't I delete prefetch data or something so that OS builds up brand new prefetching? P.S. Funny thing is that I also have 8Gb ReadyBoost on a flash and I can tell about applications startup faster but no effect on OS boot (if should be any I'm not sure but still...) 3) I don't have hybridBoot option though I'm using leaked final Enterprise OS. What the deal with it? Thank you for all of your time!
  11. here. thank you. BootTrace
  12. so, i managed to create an xml, my bootDoneViaExplorer is 30sec, and post-boot is 1min. Guess it's too much and I knew that (that's why I'm here). I have an ESET SmartSecurity running but that can't be the problem of 1min booting? Guess I need to look thoroughly. I wonder why MS promises 10sec boot out of the box... I had my 40sec+ boot time right from fresh install. what I found quickly reviewing is "services autoStartStartTime="16207" autoStartEndTime="37132" autoStartDuration="20925">" services loading for 21 sec. So... disabling system services to speed up? I already have disabled and set to manual some of them according to common sense and BlackViper... postBootDisturbance="23700" though ALL of auto-start programs are disabled. what else is in this phase? then again, 16secs before even services to initialize is gross adding some data, maybe you'll be kind to give some feedback right away, thank you. and thanks for the tutorial.