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  1. Hey dude, the link to the file is dead. Just tried it and it locked up my browser, had to go through the task manager to shut down the browser and then restart. (BTW... Windows XP MCE) Not sure when it went, but I had to goto another post that allowed me to download directly from ATI. Been looking for that file all darn day. I have the CD from my dads ATI card (Raedon 9500), but the decoder says can't find ATI hardware. Oh well. Found the link to the ATI decoder from the site, and since the wizard wouldn't download it it took me forever to find the darn thing. Oh well, if you get the file back up you can repost. Koodous for trying though, I was hoping the link was still up. Third page here on the forum you can find the file from ATI directly if you want it. Till later dude, nice try though.