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  1. I sit you not understood the own difficulty of our different language. Besides the technical problem. I have not had intention of being a nuisance since it seems that someone says Only I can begin the fault. And to ask for clemency Thank for your help
  2. 1) I have 1 DELL DIM 9100, with WXP MC sp2 (English) (original?), installed with a copy DVD facilitated by DELL. 2) I have 1 DELL DIM E520, with WXP sp3 (Spanish) (original), installed with a CD bought distributor MS. 1) I used nLITE to remove languages, keyboards, games, and some thing plus. a) NLITE, it is possible to see "HIDE" in the PC. B) When I remove "HIDE", then I see nLITE in " adding / removing components of W ". And when I unmark "nLITE", and I execute, nLITE remains. 2) I used nLITE to remove languages, keyboards, games, and some thing plus. I have added SATA to the CD. And in this PC the same things happens. 3) That I want? So, to know what it does "nLITE" as component of W, that in addition I cannot remove.
  3. I have repeated to construct a new CD. ULTIMA SESIÓN.INI ULTIMA SESIÓN_U.INI
  4. I can go to your every in order that you see it. And in addition to say to you that MS has considered it to be original.
  5. Here I show nLITE.inf of another original WXP sp3, that also I used nLITE Excuse to me, that some your explanation I do not understand. I will ask for help. I believe it is a good idea that the author or someone explains what does this nLITE.inf. And why it is not possible to remove nlite from components of W . And, that half a world, we are not "zombies" nlite.inf.TXT
  6. Why don't you simply remove it? jaclaz This does not work for nlite: Open The Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Windows Components. You will now see options for Accessories and Utilities (the programs in the Accessories menu on the Start panel), MSN Explorer and several other components. Remove the check next to the component to remove it or check it to install it from your XP CD.
  7. Excuse me, windows is original. Some useful suggestion?
  8. I have used nLITE to integrate SATA in WXP's CD. But I now discover that nLITE is installed and conceal in the PC. What does mean this? sysoc.inf.TXT