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  1. Hi! I`m trying to install windows on my parents desktop: GA-8I915P Duo (rev. 1.x) Intel 915P and ICH6 I have one SATA HDD connected. BIOS of this PC sets Sata Ports to Ch.1 Master/Slave. I think it means that BIOS (kind of) emulates SATA to IDE Channels. I`ve tried many windows xp install CD with SATA drivers integrated, but I always get black screen after detecting configuration. I`ve also tried "32bit Intel MSM AHCI & RAID driver v8.9.8.1005 mod by Fernando". This BIOS dont have option to change SATA mode. I can only disable SATA controller (and my HDD will not be deteced). Have any idea whats going on in here? I`m quite advanced PC user but have no idea what to do know. One more thing: Windows 7 installs just fine...