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  1. Hi, Thanks for the hasty reply. I have visited that site before, and it does have a massive amount of information. I was more concerned with your SP specifically, and it's pre reqs. Is IE 6 SP1 a pre req for example? Also what is the comparision between SP3.7 and Auto-Patcher? Thanks Again Jamie
  2. Hi, New user here. I was just wondering whether someone would be able to provide a little "How To" on .....How To get the best out of Win 98 SE (Including this SP). I have a clean Windows 98 SE Install on a VM, the only thing non standard is VMTools. What is the process for installing the latest SP (3.7) (Step by steps). Are there any pre reqs? Is there any additional patches, packs that would bring additional benefits or should I just stick with this SP? Apologies if this has been answered anywhere else before, but I read up to page 46 and thought it would be quicker to ask. Kind Regards J