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  1. Thank you jaclaz I did not notice "You'll need to add" I already search the web after I read your first post and found the first link in your second one then i try to locate the file in my original windows DVD but not found. Thank you again
  2. where I can find winpeshl.ini?
  3. I want to make two entries in windows 7 installation disk boot menu: 1- Unattended Windows 7 Setup. 2-Attended Widows 7 Setup. So the first option will make setup proccess use autoattended.xml in the disc root directory; While the second option will ignor this file. this made befor in windows XP ( I know it from your forum at: http://www.msfn.org/board/install-XP-USB-t111406.html ) now I want to do the same for Windows 7. Thank You.