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  1. Just to expand a bit on this... 1. Ready your system for imaging and make sure that you use ALL certified XP drivers otherwise after sysprep installs it will give you "driver not signed" errors - (you can simply click continue to each error, but eliminate a seemless install.) 2. Extract the contents from the file to the c:\sysprep directory 3. Run the Sysprep setup manager wizard NOT sysprep first (setupmgr.exe). I always use the mini-setup option in the wizard so that the user had to enter their info and the license key again. This process creates the i386 directory in the sysprep directory. 4. Copy the i386 directory on the CD to a place on the hard drive for future use (I use C:\OEM\i386\ ) AND copy this ALSO to the i386 directory in the the sysprep directory (you should already see a $i386$ directory in this i386 folder - just ignore it and copy the files to the c:\sysprep\i386\ folder) Everything in the sysprep folder is deleted after the install so dont worry that you have the i386 folder copied in 2 places on the hard drive. 5. Run sysprep reseal