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  1. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    With Bluetooth - yep, I came across the same thing. I've been fiddling with Windows 8 quite a bit to make it like Windows 7 (there are aspects I like of the OS), but I uninstalled a bit too much. Most people probably won't have to do this, but what I did was use "sfc /scannow" in the command prompt (elevated) in Windows 8 desktop mod. Rebooted back into Windows 8 shell and Bluetooth was working fine. That bit of info is for anyone who removes too much and stuffs up Windows 8. Then I switched shells back to Windows 7. Now in Windows 7 mode, the send/receive file dialogs work fine, but the Show Devices doesn't (thereby making it next to impossible to add a device such as speakers or headsets and so on). I think the reason for this is because that part of the OS uses the PC Settings screen, which is Metro. How I got around it is booting into Windows 8 desktop and add the Bluetooth devices in there, then back into Windows 7 mode. Personally it shows how much of a half baked attempt (no offense to the MS developers out there mind you) Windows 8 is for the desktop user. But really loving this app, love starting Windows and having no Metro stuff! Oddly enough I liked the Metro/Tiles at first, but after a while it just got really frustrating!
  2. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    Just sent through some cash for ya. Screwed up the first transaction and it did everything in Russian, wasn't sure if it went through so did it again. Hope it helps, thanks again for the app!
  3. Windows 7 explorer for Windows 8

    Hey there Tihiy, I just created an account just to write this and say thanks a bunch load for this! Been looking for quite a few apps to do this, but this is just awesome! Does the job (Windows 8 Pro, 64bit) and no more tiles and I have a start button back! Do lose multiple task bars though on more than one monitor, but I can live with that. Thanks so much for this - really really awesome!