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  1. Hello folks, I would like to install Safari 4.0.5 on my Windows2000 SP4 and cannot figure out how to use KDW. I know that there is Safari 4.0 distribution on blackwingcat's blog but I believe 4.0.5 is patched and more stable. I have downloaded 4.0.5_SafariSetup405.exe from oldversion.com. It contains the following: AppleApplicationSupport.msi AppleSofwareUpdate.msi Bonjuor.msi Bonjuor64.msi Safari.msi SetupAdmin.exe I believe I only need AppleApplicationSupport.msi and Safari.msi. AppleApplicationSupport.msi installs fine. After extracting Safari.msi and converting it with fcwin2k.exe, if does starts without mentioning wrong OS version but than says that the installation cannot be complete. Is it possible to run Safari 4 in Ez mode or Dynamic mode? I only have Windows 2000 SP4 - do I need Rollup 1 or 2? When I start kdllinst.exe, it displays the following screen (see the attachment). And I cannot get how to use it further. Thanks in advance for your help.