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  1. Ok then I 've tried : Winc 2.2, don't support WPA Lucid Link, don't support my card BVRP, seems to work but can't connect Realtek wireless lan utility, don't seem to support WIN 2k and 2 or 3 other that I have deleted and I don't quite remember the name oh and my card is a realtek RTL8185 and my computer is a Dell Latitude C610 if it can help.
  2. I got a laptop that came with Windows 2000 and since the WiFi card and connection manager only supported WEP, I bought a wireless PC card. The card is installed and the driver works the only problem is finding a connection manager that is both free and will work with my card and Windows 2000. I've tried maybe 10 different software with little to no success. Do you guys know of any software that will let me connect on a WPA protected network? Thank you.