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  1. after I formatted my C: and reinstalled WindowsXp pro, I can't read my files in another drive(ntfs) which had been encryped before the system rebuilding. Who can help me?Thanks a lot.:WTF?:
  2. I am a administrator, I want to know how to read and change other administrator's file(he does not want me see it,so he product it )?
  3. when I install Windows xp 2600, I have a question here: My os is windos 2000 professional, when I run setup, it shows:NTVDM CPU encounter an invalid instruction. CS:odbo IP: 0105 OP:62 fc 75 a5 b5 choose "close" to terminate program. when I want install it in dos mode. winnt.exe shows the program is too big . How can I install a new OS? my old one have some question