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  1. I will disable NetLimiter and test again. Thanks ! edit: Some hours have passed, and nothing has happened, thanks for the Netlimiter tip Andre, you are trully magic ! I just find it strange, Netlimiter just logs and limits the traffic. If it comes back (even with Netlimiter disabled) I will ask again for advice. Again, many thanks Andre !
  2. Happened again Could you see again please (sent the link by PM) ? Thanks for the help!
  3. I have downloaded that version , I now have 7.61.612.2012 from 12-06-2012. I will restart and give some feedback later
  4. Hi Andre! First, I want to thank you for the tutorial, I am "banging my head" because of this problem. Whenever I use a torrent application (Utorrent, Tixati, etc) my computer freezes for 1 to 3 seconds from time to time. I have reinstalled Windows, removed the Anti virus, updated the network card (Realtek 8112L) driver among other things, nothing worked. I think the problem is in "tcpip.sys - function : TcpPeriodicTimeoutHandler" I uploaded the ETL (7z compressed )file to my dropbox folder and sent the link to you in a PM, if you have some time, I would be very grateful to you. Again, many thanks! edit: The Motheboard is a Asus P7P55D-E