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  1. So guys I have create a windows pe 3.0 in a usb stick.I made a beautifull example.hta to start.(windows 7 32-bit).I add all the packages in my pe.The direction is mshta.exe X:\Windows\System32\example.hta I create a folder in the usb stick and in the startnet.cmd change the direcrtory. winpeshl.ini mshta.exe u:\folder\example.hta I have 2 problems. First when my pe boots i dont know what drive letter is my usb stick.Do you know how i can set a standar drive letter to my usb?(Maybe with a script or something else?) Now when i boot my pe with the directory u:\folder\example.hta it shows a .hta with white screen and nothing else....Somebody can help to tell me why? The reason is that if i want to make changes to my .hta i have to mount and unmount my pe all the time.If I set a folder in my usb I can change my .hta without mount or unmount all the time my pe.