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  1. i see where i went wrong, the pagefile i choose its for windows pe not windows i should also say thank you for your help guys!
  2. i'll see if i can find out what is wrong, or if you find it faster please let me know, thanks $
  3. Hello maxXPsoft, i am getting the files now
  4. Hey thanks for that, i have been building the script via windows aik, i will try soon
  5. Hello myselfidem, i tried that section but it still did not work, do you know if there is a way to log what it is doing?
  6. OK thanks, i'll try this tomorrow
  7. Sorry forgot to attach file autounattend.xml
  8. Hey everyone, i am having problems with the disk configuration section, im just not sure where i went wrong, if someone can see what is wrong that would be awesome! thanks in advanced