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  1. Beta channel

    Thanks Tihiy new update toast worked fine here
  2. Beta channel

    Fair enough, it was just that when I was testing some of my custom themes there were some content and sizing issues, it took me a little bit to realise what resource it was using
  3. Beta channel

    Nice work Tihiy, I see you used the extended UI background as the frame, was there a reason for doing it this way instead of using the DWM window frame?
  4. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    Don't download this crap, if you want a working areo glass version that you can trust that will work better then this version use Aero Glass 8+ 1.4.5, it doesn't have any issues aside from some artefacts if you use blur, keep the blur radius at 0 or 1 any higher and the artefacts become more noticeable. If you are not able to find the official 1.4.5 then you can grab my custom installer for it from my site here http://virtualcustoms.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=77903&d=1496113501 Sorry to BM if this is not acceptable, I have only posted it as I don't think people should be touching this version from Edivan Baptista, I think all these posts should be removed by the mods and just wait for your official supported version.
  5. UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Nice work, just tested it and works as expected
  6. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Thanks for the new version, first bug is fixed now, just wondering why the context menu bug cant be though, this affects all themes, even the default one, all other sub menus work fine aside from that toolbar one.
  7. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    I also never had a response to this bug I mentioned with the context menu using the classic setting.
  8. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Thanks for the update Tihiy, I never got a response about the problem I mentioned on the beta though about needing to restart explorer after changing custom themes, when I select a different theme in the personalization menu the taskbar turns blank and only the show desktop button is shown, I have to restart explorer for the taskbar to display fully again.
  9. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Seems to be a problem when selecting the classic context menu but only on the toolbars sub menu.
  10. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Nothing new as far as I can see, just need to update the explorerframe.dll and shell32.dll ui files for some of the other custom stuff that are in the shellstyle.dll, not saying that ONE doesn't need some optimisation but there is nothing show stopping that needs urgent attention.
  11. Beta channel

    Thanks Tihiy, the tray flyout looks a bit better now, one bug I am still experiencing is when changing themes the taskbar goes blank, I have to restart explorer or open the SiB settings to make it apply again. Not a bug as such but with Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock there are 3 states for the mouse over image but the first state is not displayed if there is an image present, only hover and pressed. Another thing I noticed is with the Aero Peak if you have multiple explorer windows the active window displays an extra border around it and that is not the usual behaviour. It should just look like the following. Also I had a trick on Windows 7 and 8 that allowed me to remove the blur behind the aero peak windows and this doesn't work any more with your reimplementation so I was wondering if maybe you can do the same as you did with the start menu using the composited:bool in Taskbar & System Tray > TaskBand > Aero > TaskBandExtendedUI > Thumbnails & Controls to toggle the use of blur and colorization?
  12. Beta channel

    No particular style, it's just the content margins in Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Horizontal > TrayNotify > Background and Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock are still present in the default msstyles but they no longer have any effect, it's nice to have the option to use these content margins, also any chance you could fix the time/date properties to use Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock again?
  13. Beta channel

    Thats works fine, is there any chance we can get some working content margins in the system tray area, nothing seems to work in there since windows 10
  14. Beta channel

    Thanks for the update Tihiy, the show desktop button is working great now and the msstyle UI is much better, only UI bug I am still getting is the scroll arrows don't function when using a mouse, you have to use keyboard arrow keys to select different start buttons and start menus. I have also noticed that the system tray flyout background is controlled by the custom taskbar coloring, this is a nice feature but I have run in to an issue because I have my taskbar background color set to fully transparent and while this looks great on my taskbar, in the system tray flyout it makes it very hard to see the white default system icons if for instance you open it with a white window or web page behind it, if possible could we have the option for that background to be either returned to the default flyout background like the volume and clock flyout or with a separate coloring and transparency slider, I think the later may be a better solution and maybe you could incorporate the other flyouts as well. Also if you could please change the font properties back to Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock for the clock, I have no idea why RS1 changed the clock text color and font properties to the taskband. One last skinning request as well, if it's not too much trouble, could please add back the ability to add an image in Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Horizontal > TrayNotify > Background to enable having the complete system tray themeable again that would be awesome, thank you.
  15. Beta channel

    I am using my HUD Machine RS1 theme, in Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock I have set the clock background to none but I still get the hard coded grey background, I tried with an image as well but I have the same results, I have also added back the classes and properties for the show desktop but all I get when I hover over it is a grey transparent button. Here is the theme for you to test https://www.mediafire.com/?qtcqahcblccfqjc If possible could you also make the clock text and font properties use Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock like it used to be pre RS1 instead of Taskbar & System Tray > TaskBand > Basic > TaskBand or Taskbar & System Tray > TaskBand > Aero > TaskBand. Thanks for all your hard work on this mate