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  1. You have to create a new DWORD called GlassOpacity and set it 0-100 default: 68. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM] "AccentColor"=dword:c41f1f1f "EnableBlurBlend"=dword:00000000 "GlassOpacity"=dword:00000000 "AccentColorInactive"=dword:c41f1f1f Save that as a reg file and set the values you want for active and inactive accent colors.
  2. Setting it to 1 seemed to make it worse, not only did it still make things disappear, it also caused strange grey boxes around any animated tiles, it also increased the size of those grey borders with the increase of the blur radius, setting 10 1 would give you a 1px border, increasing the blur radius to 15 gave what looked like a 15px border, setting GlassSafetyZoneMode back to 0 removed these borders again, also these borders were present even with no other open windows in the background. I would have posted a screen but these boxes were not visible in the screen capture, I could probably capture it on a VM though.
  3. Well it looked like one, if not then what is that program running in the background, the one with someone's avatar as a queen and saying text channels at the top, looks like a modern app as it is not using the normal explorer windowed edges, regardless this was the only way I was able to reproduce this bug and at least it will be reproducible for others, tbh though who is really going to be bothered about the visibility of a program running behind the start menu, seeing this on a regular basis is highly unlikely, yes it is a bug but not one that would or should be of any consequence.
  4. I was able to reproduce this by creating a new folder and naming it test_test, explorer froze and then restarted, this was the same with ONE installed or not installed, I even did a restart to make sure and it still happened, this also only happens when I used the start menu shortcut for the user folder, if navigated from C:\Users\your user name I was able to create the folder without any problems, again with and without ONE installed. So no this is not a problem with ONE this is a problem with Windows, not sure what OS your using but this test was done on 10 Pro x64 Anniversary update.
  5. OK I was able to reproduce this but you forgot to mention one critical thing, you must have a modern app open behind, I opened the weather app and then put vlc on top and then opened the start menu and vlc player didn't show behind the start menu, I also had to make sure the start menu was resized as narrow as can be.
  6. I did, I tried multiple and also tried with VLC player as shown in your previous screen
  7. you could always try reading the few posts above yours with the exact same problem.
  8. Just tried and can't reproduce this bug
  9. You could try opening Organize in explorer > Layout and uncheck details pane.
  10. Hi Noel, the inactive caption buttons opacity is not because of the image, Windows 10 is somehow changing the image opacity, I am a theme designer so I can tell you for a fact that the opacity has been altered and has nothing to do with the image I am using. As for the other things I mentioned, I will wait for BM to respond as I'm sure he will have an idea of what's possible and what's not and what he will be able to include in the GUI.
  11. After adding the new registry values I am really liking this new build, will it be possible to somehow translate the old theme values for active and inactive Colorization Opacity? I think it would also be great to have an option for themes to be applied with the active and inactive accent colors so we don't have to manually set AccentColorInactive, some sort of auto generate option taken from AccentColor. Also would it be possible to enable RoundRectRadius again, I had this working on 1.4.5 and it looks like this value is no longer respected. I would also like to add a possible feature request, with the caption buttons on Windows 10 they change their opacity on inactive windows unless you hover over one of them and then the opacity returns to 100% is it possible to change this behaviour back to the way it was in earlier Windows so the inactive caption buttons stay at 100% opacity? Edit: after playing with the settings for RoundRectRadius it appears it does still work but I needed to set it to 30 in the registry to see the difference I was expecting.
  12. This is great news, I am glad to see that you have found a way to do this, I think that now you need to push some sort of update, incomplete or not so that people will update as soon as possible and avoid any further people who will continue to try using the older versions. Better to have a version that is incomplete with a few bugs rather then having a version that isn't working at all and causing display drivers to crash, I know you hate to release a non beta\experimental version that isn't complete but I think in this case it would be a good idea.
  13. You have no obligation for aeroglass to continue to work but you should ensure that it does not break the OS when it stops, your software needs some way of detecting if it is compatible and ensuring it will be disabled if it isn't and then stopping itself to avoid it crashing display drivers.
  14. Please disregard this post.
  15. Uninstall the version you have and do a restart then update to the latest build, it will not work on RS1, Tihiy already updated it to 1.1.8 and that was the first version to support RS1, it was broken on all RS1 builds until he gave us this update, the latest version is and that is the build you should using, that is your problem and your only problem, stop wasting everyone's time and at least try to fix it with the information you have been given.