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  1. I shall! Thanks for the advice Fernando, Brian
  2. Fernando, I do indeed have a valid cd key. It is the one i've been using on my old system that broke. Just waiting to be able to use it on my upgraded machine. Will a xp pro UPGRADE cd be just as suitable as a regular install disc? I'm under the impression they're relatively the same thing. I'll be trying to get a clean OS on ebay in the meantime for a reasonable price. I realize your thread is not about changing to ahci mode after installing xp, but, if you know a link to a solid thread regarding that issue, i would really appreciate you pointing me in that direction. Might as well weigh all my options right? Thanks for the reply, Brian P.S. Props on this thread staying alive for all this time. Simply amazing!!!
  3. Fernando, thanks for helping so many people figure out how to get through what i thought was going to be easy process. Now as you can tell from my screename, I'm getting owned on this one. It all started when my motherboard blew out the other day, I figured it was a divine way of saying time to upgrade my 6 year old system. I've spent days trying to get nlite to work with my new msi B75A-G43 motherboard[/u"]] using my new 120gb samsung ssd until i realized that my what i thought was a clean xp pro fresh install cd has the dreaded WINNT.SIF file.. My question to you is this: does it make sense to settle with ide mode and be a slowhead or should i look into getting a clean xp cd (where would u get one?, can i download one somewhere?)? :Assuming achi is the answer: use the msi recommended drivers that came with my new board or use some of the ones you provide? does solely having intel sata ports compromise the nlite process? I really really want to get xp up and running via achi but fear being forced into upgrading to windows 7 or settling for ide. I just love xp. Thanks, Vogtsky