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  1. Doesn't work for me i changed the path and no change my system only supports UEFI boot.
  2. Yes very nice work keep it up.
  3. I'm guessing your using a custom theme made by some one, Who ever made your theme has change some think they shouldn't have my theme here AeroByDesign For Windows 8 works without any problems, I will test v0.5 out to see if i get any crashes but so far it been fine.
  4. Works fine with my theme that i made with white title text i really like it, It applied to open windows on my system fine
  5. You can always just use a blank 1x3 pixel start orb image That doesn't remove the spacing , Its more we need a option to remove the button and use the hotspot corner instead, you can also access the settings from right clicking on the start menu its self.
  6. Just load it into Paint included with Windows (desktop) and save it as BMP. BMP images need alpha channels for transparency when PNG doesn't therefore doing that will remove the transparency.
  7. Which quote is right? What there are animations or there are not? I'm still getting this problem I'm not sure what Mr Grim is using to apply custom themes but I'm using uxstyle which may be the problem but it only started after installing StartIsBack, I can fix the bug by re-apply the theme again but after restarting the bug appears again, I have tested with the default theme and it also has this problem I'm using beta 1.
  8. Also there now no start animations for the start screen AKA app screen which shouldn't been removed now its like opening a normal window up maybe add a option for it, Ill happy pay for this when its out of beta.
  9. Use Win+X for now. Thanks Tihiy also I'm not sure if it possible but is there a way to have a option to hide the start button but still have the menu by using the hot spot i liked the clean task bar thanks.
  10. Can we get a option to add back in the Admin Menu i used that a lot, keep up the good work.