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  1. roirraW "edor" ehT, You are right no longer seems too add custom Start Button Orbs for some reason like previous versions ???? UPDATE; Just reinstalled SIB , in "Just Me Install" mode & it seems to add custom start orbs in png format, just doesn't work in "All User Install" mode... if that makes any sense!?
  2. It's NOT a bug... windows developer preview the last of the button version ,had the same issue /non issue, think it's just a win 8 thing.
  3. I don't understand what the prob is.... i've renamed paint like so, & still works?!
  4. this doesn't work. I get a message that it is no valid orb. Here is the orb I use in Win7: Works think it may have to be resized to 54x162 EDIT..... never mind, i know i'm quick!!!
  5. coarse it works!!!! LOL it now accepts png format ,and converts to bmp on the fly , can change orb button with ease!!
  6. Why didn't MS think of this? Good question, only answer is cos they're idiots. Don't really think "metro " was ever really intended for desktops. Now , tho .... with StartIsBacK you can turn metro into Windows8 easily!!!
  7. Maybe, Tihiy should just reconsider making em a "StartIsBack unlimited free for Windows 8 Release Preview"?!
  8. Thx roirraW "edor" ehT, See it still looks the same just some additional features... would imagine a bit of work done under the hood!!! that,s just 1 of those things i still have win7 (w/o " startisback" )& explorer crashes from time to time... may just be a windoz bug?! @Tihily .... any chance of having a winkey that makes ya coffee & orders ya pizza?? Just kidding!!! It looks it's coming along brilliantly!!!!
  9. Hi all, Could someone please post some pics, as to what the options menu looks like now or pics in general?? Thx