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  1. Hello, I provide IT support to a small medical clinic. The way their Windows Server 2008 R2 has been set up is without a domain. We basically have been using it in "workgroup" mode. This has worked okay for the most part. What I need to do now is create user accounts/permissions. I have installed ADDS, but it seems this may not work for us in the end for the following reason: The clients are Windows XP Home, and several are Windows 7 Premium. There are no "Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise" clients on this network. I want to be able to set up sharing and permissions so that certain users have only rights to public folders, but not to clinic sensive documents which a rogue employee could sabotage or delete if they were so inclined. Currently the data volume (F:) has the permissions for the "Everyone" group and all rights (Full control, read, write, etc). This is obviously not good. Again, as I mentioned, I have created users (i.e. director, frontdesk1, frontdesk2, etc). How do I tie the WinXP/Win7 clients to these user names and accounts. Do I actually need to create user accounts on the server so that I can "lock down" folders and permissions? I'm thinking this might be the way to go. Please chime in with any comments or suggestions. Thanks Mike