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  1. I can get IP address under winpe3.0 but it's not winpe4.0. It seems to be under the winpe4.0 must have wlansvc service....
  2. Thanks Tripredacus, you're right, it's windows ADK. As I know, winpe3.0 provide good support for wireless. So I would like to support implanted into winpe4.0. To support wireless appear to have wlansvc service, I have tried with wireless related documents copied into the corresponding folder and import the registry key to solve, but still does not start the service. Through the ipconfig command I can see the wireless NIC, can you give me some help? Thanks again~
  3. Does anybody know how to use wireless under WinPE4.0? By the way, the winpe is made by WAIK, if anybody knows please kindly advice, thanks~