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  1. That part (users creation, renaming) is very touchy and nLite always assumes the source only contains the standard MS pre built accounts. If any further modification is then performed (in running nLite a 2nd time), things can go wrong. Same problem as you have: here. Ah, I see. I'll check it out. Thank you!
  2. Haha, sorry, some of that went over my head. . . What do you mean starting from scratch? Yes, I did rename administrator as admin. No reason, really, I just wanted to I went into safe mode but no, it doesn't accept anything. Apparently I don't have the right to? I set it to autologin to the other account, because I thought I'd be okay since the user was in the "administrators" group. I've logged off and tried logging in as admin, but no go; it says I can't do that either. what do you mean by, "theoretically existing built-in" users?
  3. thanks for replying Here it is. Uhm, I'm not sure what you're talking about. . . yeah, I made the iso using a different laptop running windows 7. And then I burned it and installed it on my own laptop, wiping it clean in the process. The laptop originally ran windows 7. I can't really install xp in a vm because this isn't my laptop U^_^ Last Session (2012.10.25-15.57.28)_u.ini
  4. oh and here's file, in case it's needed Last Session (2012.10.25-15.57.28).ini
  5. U-_- I'm really impressed with how small and fast nlite made windows xp, except I'm having a HUGE problem with the user accounts. I've done some searching but I can't find anything The thing is, I really can't access the admin account. At all. And it's kinda distressing because I can't install ANYTHING without the admin account. I provided a password for it, and then made another user for myself and made the password blank. I put it under the "administrators" group but it doesn't have any access at all What's going on? Sorry if it's a bad question, I've been searching and scanning for over an hour and a half and I don't really know what to do U-_-