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  1. I'm experiencing a small issue: sometimes the icons don't show up in the start menu. If I switch visual theme the icons are back. Screen: I'm running Windows 8 Professional x64 (French version), StartIsBack version 1.2.1, and I haven't tested if this happens with other visual themes but atm I'm using Aero 8
  2. It should still work because it would be tied to usb stick serial number. I've gifted you a key to test it. Tested it this morning, it works like a charm! And I bought the 5 PC Activations. Thanks Tihiy
  3. It should still work because it would be tied to usb stick serial number. I've gifted you a key to test it. Okay, thanks, will test and give feedback as soon as possible!
  4. I have a small question before buying though... I saw on that you use motherboard identification, once StartIsBack is activated does it stay so or will it check the motherboard regularly? Because I've installed Win8 on a usb key (see the Usb To Go feature on Win8) and I often use it on several different computers...
  5. I didn't mean to be rude, I'm only giving a piece of advice, being myself a developper and having sold software before.
  6. I totally agree with that. If I were you (Tihiy) I would use a login system instead of serial keys... That way you would allow use on multiple machine and monitor how many are running using that account. ...Every program is crackable, no matter how many protection/obfuscation techniques you use there will always be someone to bypass them you know, there's a great chance that those people who want to use your product on multiple machine but can't without purchasing a new license will just download a cracked version somewhere... Just saying
  7. Just thought I had to stop by and say a word or two... You do an AMAZING job honestly, I had installed Windows 7 on my pc and had no intention to reinstall Windows 8 until I found your Ex7forW8 (which I am using at the moment), I had tried other apps such as Classic Shell or Start8 but seriously this is the only clean and efficient working solution for the moment I'm really looking forward to Start Is Back, although I'm a little disappointed it won't be freeware, but I guess if the price is reasonable I will buy it then If you need help in any way (especially regarding the website for example as I am an experienced Php developer) let me know I'll be glad to help, but anyway keep up the good work mate